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The super style change of Jaden Smith to a cooler one!

Jaden knows how to follow his father's footsteps in an unbeatable way. It is true that, like his sister Willow, he has begun to make the career in the world of music and at a more professional level, however, both have great demand from the world of fashion, as large firms are betting for them to promote their clothes with the simple fact of wearing them. Also, wonderful photo sessions with some of the best photographers of the moment. Today, we show you his spectacular changes from a boy to a man.

1. He flirts

1. He flirts

Jaden is known for having a somewhat different attitude, and although he has been criticized by many people in recent years, in reality, he is a great artist. From a young age his talent was noticed, and without a doubt, he will go very far in his career, since he works hard. However, that does not stop him from having free time for his girls, he is currently dating Odessa Adlon, a girl who has just started acting, in the Nashville program.

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1. He flirts 1

2. Karate Kid

The film that Jaden filmed with Jackie Chan was very successful and earned more than 359.1 million dollars, and 40 were spent producing it. He had a great response from the public and was the one that helped Smith to be recognized worldwide. However, it was also highly criticized, as compared to the original films, it was a bit different. One of the things that were said about the tape was "Maybe it does not have the same impact as the 1984 edition, but it offers a surprisingly satisfactory update to the original."

2. Karate Kid

3. A great actor

Although we would love to see him more often on screens, young Smith has made it clear that he would like to dedicate himself to music and the fashion industry. Although he has been strongly criticized, it is important to note that he has a great future in Hollywood and it is likely that we will see him do great things. Despite the fact that his performances have been very few in the cinema.

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4. Popularity

Jaden was born famous, like his brothers, because he is the son of one of the most important actors in Hollywood, Will Smith. However, he has attracted the attention of thousands of people because of his peculiar style, that although we love it, it causes conflicts for many. In addition to this, he has demonstrated an incomparable talent in the music industry, since he has had millions of views on his music videos. The last clip that had a very good response was "Icon".

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5. The big firms already want him

Jaden attracted a lot of attention in 2016, as he was the first man to model women's clothing for the Louis Vuitton brand, which led to great opportunities in the fashion industry. In addition to that, he was paid an amount of 10 million dollars for his contract. In spite of that, he was highly criticized by all the media and rumors were made about his orientation. However, at present, he is still the image of the important clothing brand.

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6. Fashion

He has been a hit in recent years, and thanks to fashion appearances with his sister, his fame has had a great popularity in various important events. In 2016, Jaden and Willow, her sister, received the recognition of "New Icon of fashion". After receiving this important award, he spoke about his pride in having been elected and for having given the opportunity to two young African-Americans, who have undoubtedly worked hard to obtain it.

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7. An incredible resemblance to his father in the Prince of Rap

Although it is impossible to compare him with the fame and talent of his father, Jaden has a style very similar to him physically. His personality is completely different because Will Smith is one of the most sympathetic and intelligent people in the media. However, his son seems to be extremely profound that, without a doubt, he has a peaceful soul. He likes to make different types of art, and activities that make him look like an individual worthy of respect.

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8. Celebrity friends

In addition to being famous thanks to his father, he has managed to take an individual fame, and this has led him to have friends who live just like him. For example, the girls of the Kardashian clan, apparently are within the youth's social circle, among other celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. It is normal for the children of celebrities to come together because they have the same lifestyle, which must undoubtedly be very difficult at an early age.

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9. Video clips

The video that has seen the most views in his career is that of "Icon" that had millions of reproductions in several days. What made this clip even more famous was the parody that Will Smith made about it, dressed in the same way and doing what he showed in his film. However, he had very good answers for the public, who have criticized him strongly since he began his career.

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