Published 2018-05-18
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The super style change of Jaden Smith to a cooler one!

2. Karate Kid

The film that Jaden filmed with Jackie Chan was very successful and earned more than 359.1 million dollars, and 40 were spent producing it. He had a great response from the public and was the one that helped Smith to be recognized worldwide. However, it was also highly criticized, as compared to the original films, it was a bit different. One of the things that were said about the tape was "Maybe it does not have the same impact as the 1984 edition, but it offers a surprisingly satisfactory update to the original."

2. Karate Kid

3. A great actor

Although we would love to see him more often on screens, young Smith has made it clear that he would like to dedicate himself to music and the fashion industry. Although he has been strongly criticized, it is important to note that he has a great future in Hollywood and it is likely that we will see him do great things. Despite the fact that his performances have been very few in the cinema.

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