Published 2018-05-18
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Things we did not know that children inherited only from their father

He is identical to his father! It's the living image of dad! He has the same face as his father! - These are some of the phrases we hear often when it comes to making a comment about a child's physical features. It is thanks to the advances in the study of human genetics and the knowledge we have of them, that we now know the reasons for these similarities that, in some cases, turn out to be amazing, since it seems that more than talking about genetic inheritance, we talk about cloning.

So far we all know that it is both mom and dad who are involved in the transmission of the genetic information we carry in our DNA. However, thanks to a recent study conducted by the University of North Carolina, in the United States, it was discovered that mammals get a greater burden of this information from the father. In fact, it is known what specific characteristics are transmitted by them.

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This discovery arose during an investigation that sought to know more about heart diseases and conditions such as diabetes. The method used during the study is known as Collaboration Cross, and today lets you know that it is through the father that the child inherits traits, among other things, the color of the eyes and some physical ailments. Here we show you a list of those characteristics.

The color of the eyes

Until now it was believed that both parties determined the color of the child's eyes and that, even if both parents had dark eyes, the child could be born with clear eyes due to the genetic load that one of the parties could have and that it could influence. However, today it is known that the father plays an important role in this regard and is the one who determines this feature to a greater extent.

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The gender

For many people, this continues to be a simple coin on the air. There are skeptics to this type of scientific verification that the fact that the baby is a girl or a boy depends solely on chance. However, due to the loading of both X and Y chromosomes contained in the male DNA, unlike the female, which only contains X chromosomes, it is much more likely that it is he who determines the gender of the baby.

Heart problems

Unfortunately, not all the characteristics transmitted by one or another of the parents can be trivial, there are some that can also cause serious diseases. The DNA of males contains a gene responsible for controlling body inflammations, however, this gene can block arteries and not allow adequate blood flow to the heart, which increases the risk of a heart attack even in 50%.

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Dental problems

A healthy and beautiful smile is synonymous with high self-esteem, as it provides security to the person who owns it. Today it is known that many of the problems related to teeth are transmitted from the father to the son. Even these conditions can go beyond an aesthetic issue, because there may also be conditions that affect the jaw of the person and, in the long run, cause serious health problems.

Mental diseases

Physical health care undoubtedly occupies an important place in the lives of people. However, mental health is also vital. In this sense, the information we have is that the male transmits to a greater extent the mental illnesses that may be present in his genetic information. The age at which the man becomes a father also influences. The older they are, the greater the chances of transmitting these characteristics.

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The height

Previously, there was a simple mathematical formula that allowed parents to have an idea of ​​the height their son or daughter would reach. This formula simply added the height of both parents and the result obtained should be divided by two. However, today we know that, although height depends on many other factors such as food or sports, it is the father who provides the most information in this regard.

Infertility problems

One of the dreams of many men is without a doubt to become a father. But, many times this dream is clouded due to infertility problems. However, an infertile man can still breed if subjected to the treatment. However, if after having undergone this treatment, you can procreate, the chances that you can transmit your infertility to the baby are very high.

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