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Celebrities who were caught lying!

Being a celebrity, you need to know that there are times that you cannot just reveal the truth or times when you need to explain something so private to you for whatever the reason is. It is not easy. Whatever you say is magnified and then it is turned into a bigger issue once in another interview you share something different! Some of the celebrities were not lucky enough to get away with it, their lies were caught online! Here are few of them.

Taylor Swift

The drama with Taylor Swift and Kanye was a never-ending one. First, it all started with her winning and Kanye cutting her speech to say how great Beyonce’s music video was and she was the one who truly deserved this price and then the Famous song came along and it all turned into a never-ending drama! Taylor claimed that she wanted nothing to do with the song Famous, however, later on, Kim revealed the conversation between her and Kanye and her agreement on Snapchat!

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Paris Hilton

If there is one person who definitely is famous for many wrong reasons, that is no one but Paris Hilton! She sure is one of the richest but there is not a bit of talent in this lady. Hopefully, she will get married soon and her true purpose and goal in life! And we guarantee that we are not the only people that do not like her! When she claimed that she and Britney Spears were the ones that invented the selfie 11 years ago, BBC pointed out some examples to disqualify her claims.

Bow Wow

This one is the best story of all time! The rapper, some of you might know as Bow Wow, uploaded a picture on his Instagram of a private jet to boast about his fancy life with the caption "Travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip-Hop. Let's go." And then later, a Snap of a fan seeing him on a normal flight caught the attention of everyone! The photo he posted was apparently related to a plane commercial he was a part of.

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Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne is known as everyone’s favorite star. He left us all in awe with his flawless performance as Stephen Hawking in the movie ‘The Theory of Everything’ and he keeps on surprising us with his perfect performance. For the movie Elizabeth I, Eddie’s lie turned into a costly experience. The director believed that he was an experienced horseback rider but he almost lost his life when the truth came out as he could NOT ride a horse!

Britney Spears

Britney has been performing on stage for almost 20 years. Britney's career, which began in the 1990s, went through some rough times that no one but Britney could come out of them more successful than before! In recent years, the star has suffered a nervous breakdown, divorced and lost parental authority. Onychophagia, or biting your nails, is her bad habit that she tries to fight. She is back now to the charts, however, some images of Britney show that she has been radically altering her appearance. In her case, she was caught using a picture of foodnetwork.com as her own cooking skill!

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Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard is known for his explosive character, which more than once caused him trouble with the law. It is also said that he does not hesitate to use violence against women. He was arrested, among others, for assaulting his wife with whom he was separated and attacking the stewardess after she had asked him to return to his place. Considering all this, it is not so far from the imagination to know that he lied! The star claimed that he has a Pd.D. in chemical engineering from South Carolina State University which was later revealed to be an honorary degree!

Miley Cyrus

Even if Hannah Montana wasn't born into prosperity, she would definitely make headlines! That is obviously out of question! But we can’t deny how successful her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, was when she was born! "Achy Breaky Heart", Billy’s number one hit, was released only a few months before "Wrecking Ball" singer was born and that extraordinary single went platinum nine times! The star lied in an interview in 2013 about her marital state. She claimed that she was married to Liam Hemsworth. Later it was revealed that they called off their engagement!

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Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is the winner of a Grammy Award and a Golden Globe Award. The star is quite well-known the world of the cinema. He is also known for being only a little bit weird! There are many examples of his odd behavior one of which is him announcing his fake engagement on David Letterman show and then less than 24 hours admitting that it was all a lie on ABC News and he did this only to have the audience like him!

Justin Bieber

The Canadian singer has become by his own merits one of the most famous of today. Thousands of young people sigh every day for this 24-year-old boy; Justin awakens passions, that's why his concerts are always multitudinous. Another fake picture was uploaded by Justin when he posted a picture with the caption ‘New jet for Christmas, and she’s beautiful.’ He made everyone believe that he purchased the plane even though it was rented only for that one trip!

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