Published 2018-05-22
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12 Types of women that men like according to their sign...

2. Taurus

If you have a boyfriend of the sign of Taurus, surely you know what his worst vice is: he is a stubborn one! Yes, and do not try to change it because you will not succeed. If an idea gets into your head, there is no human or superhuman force capable of removing it from there. The same thing happens with you: if you get in his head, he will want to conquer you. He is also very loyal and will protect you from all evil with all his strength.

2. Taurus

Maybe he has already told you or maybe not: your sensitivity and tenderness make his heart melt with love. Most likely, he will also be attracted to your intelligence.

3. Gemini
A Gemini has to be very clear to be with a woman. A Gemini boyfriend wants to feel secure and confident. If you can give him these two, he will jump behind you through a ravine and without a parachute. If there is something that he values especially in himself, it is his sense of humor and shyness.

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2. Taurus 1
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