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Why Indians had long hair?

In the times we live today, culture is based mainly on the image. All aspects of our appearance are subjective and depend more on how we want to present ourselves than on anything else. For example, we opted for tight clothes to look more attractive even if it is the most uncomfortable thing to wear. We wear heels although they want to destroy our legs. We wear ties even though we drown. Aesthetics has become one of the most important factors, although it is true that aesthetics also joins the need to represent a specific group.

For example, there are social groups that demonstrate they're belonging to that particular group, let their long hair grow and maintain it, or wear a specific color, or carry specific accessories. However, many centuries ago, the appearance was not as important as it is today. The symbolism and information that one sent abroad were much more important. That is why in indigenous tribes certain behaviors and ways of being were observed and observed that they do not appear in the "civilized" world. One of them is that many people in those times left their hair to grow long. And it's not a matter of not knowing how to cut it.

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In case, they needed to cut their hair, they would create utensils to do it. The long hair had a very peculiar use and that is the reason why we have decided to present the current article. The history of today's article begins in the times of the Vietnam War, also called the Second Indochina War or the War against the United States (1955-1975). The story begins with a Licensed Psychologist who worked for many years in a hospital and whose patients were veterans of that war with post-traumatic stress disorders.

Why Indians had long hair? 1

After hard work with these patients, the doctor began to grow his own beard and hair. Many of his work friends followed his example. Why? The answer was in the studies, which we are going to present right now. According to these documents sent by the United States during the Vietnam War to the Indian Reservations of America, they looked for talented warriors who would help during the course of the battle. Young men were needed, accustomed to the forests and jungles of those lands.

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Why Indians had long hair? 2

It was extremely easy to get lost or die for very different reasons, including traps, wild fauna, and flora or what most marked the course of those events, napalm attacks. In these difficult conditions, the US military needed men with almost supernatural capabilities, experts in tracking and survival. The incredible thing was that as soon as they left their reserve, the Indians lost their abilities, regardless of the talent they possessed. Over and over again, no matter what they were sent for, as soon as they left their homes they were no longer useful.

Why Indians had long hair? 3

The military came to the conclusion that they did it on purpose, however, the government sent forceful tests to discover the reason for such behavior. First, they asked the Indians directly why they lost their qualities. The answer stunned them. The response of the Indians was identical in each case. The elders responded: because of the haircuts that had been made to them to be military, they lost the capacity to "feel" the enemy. They could not access their "sixth sense " or their "intuition". Their senses had ceased to be reliable and could not be subtle in the war nor could they access their extra-sensory capabilities.

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Why Indians had long hair? 4

What would this mean? That the long hair is the prolongation of the nervous system, which serves to feel much more than what the five senses we know allow us. Would this be even possible? The government had to know and started testing. An American Institute conducted tests in which men with long hair were selected and tested on multiple tracking tasks. Next, we compared two men who had had similar results in the test. One still had long hair, while the other received a military cut.

Once again the one with the long hair maintained its results, while the other stopped having good results. There is also other evidence. This is what was observed on numerous occasions: the Indian is sleeping in the middle of the forest. An armed enemy approaches in his direction, however, the long-haired man awakens from his sleep and walks away before the enemy approaches because he has a strong sense of danger. He walks away before he can see or hear his enemy. Or in a similar way, man "knows" that the enemy is going to physically attack him.

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Why Indians had long hair? 5

When the enemy wants to attack him, he grabs his enemy and kills him before he can strangle him. On no occasion, the Indian with long hair is wrong and always emerges unharmed. Maybe you've never heard of something like that, but all this has a scientific basis and has nothing to do with what you believe or not. The bodies of mammals have been developed for many years and the survival capabilities of these are simply incredible. Each part of the body has its function and all of them perform a very subtle work for the survival and well-being of the organism.

Why Indians had long hair? 6

It turns out that the hair is exactly an extension of the nervous system. If you want, you can call it differently "externalized nerves" or "sensitive threads", or even "antennas", if it is easier. The hair transmits an enormous amount of information to the brain and the limbic system. The hair and facial hair of men is not only a path through which information can reach the brain, but also emits its own energy, electromagnetic energy that emits the brain and travels to the external environment.

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Why Indians had long hair? 7

To test it, experiments were carried out based on the Kirlian photography. The photos of the same person differed taken while having long hair and short hair. When the hair is cut, the emission of information between the environment and the human body is altered. It is a very serious block. Having short hair results in the fact that it is impossible to perceive environmental stress in local ecosystems, we become insensitive to relationships of all kinds and finally it also contributes to the frustration of love. All these factors lead to a series of conclusions.

Why Indians had long hair? 8

Maybe, even if it's just "maybe", the basic assumptions we have about the world are wrong from the start. Worse, perhaps everything that makes up the civilized world is far from what the world really is, maybe everything is an illusion. They are only suggestions based on what this article transmits. The final opinion is always up to you. However, the solution to this world can actually be hidden in a rather peculiar place: in the image, you see every day when you look in the mirror. After all, the biblical story of Samson, who lost all his strength and virtues once his wife cut his hair, is truer and less metaphorical than all of us think…

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Why Indians had long hair? 9
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