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4 Ways to close the fists that reveal the main features of the personality...

Body language can be expressed in gestures or body movements, so you can see its essence, as it is reflected in their actions. In addition, we have the ability to communicate through gestures. The science that studies these characteristics is called "Kinesics". The way a person sits stops or does any action is the unconscious way of showing the personality. Closing your fist goes beyond just a posture, it also reveals your personality.

4 Ways to close the fists that reveal the main features of the personality... 1

The way in which you position your fingers when closing your fist defines the way in which you take the relationship with your partner and you will know this with the small test that we will show you in this article. It will tell you what personality you have and it will reveal some more features. The gestures, body movements, and facial expressions give us clues about the inner world of your interlocutor and give us some advice on how to get along with him. So follow us to know all the details of the test!

4 Ways to close the fists that reveal the main features of the personality... 2

Closed fist with the thumb inside

This way of closing the fist defines people with a very friendly, calm and ingenious personality. They are usually born artists, their concern for any detail is natural and that is why they are extremely cautious. They tend to think before acting and things go better acting this way. They are witty and eloquent people, but they do not make friends quickly. Others may come to believe that they are silent and even somber, but as soon as they know them better, they understand that they are soft and even sensitive.

Closed fist with the thumb inside

They have a unique gift of seeing the essence of the problem and how to solve it. They are insightful and feel good about each situation, their observations are usually accurate, as are their conclusions.
In love: They do not like difficulties, the sentimental area take it very calmly and always try to make people feel good about them. They try to be nice to their partner all the time.

Closed fist with the thumb inside 1

The thumb on the fingers or on the side

They are extremely talented and creative beings. This is their best weapon to make friends as well as their charming character. They are thirsty for power and are always pursuing it. Its motto is "everyone chooses its way". They are practical, serious and realistic people; However, fear of failure prevents them from making bold decisions, because only this can hurt their vanity. That's why they always need some support. Sensitivity is a gift and at the same time a great curse.

The thumb on the fingers or on the side

They are individuals who fear failure and rejection, are bad losers and need constant motivation from their loved ones and others who appreciate them. People estimate their sincerity and reliability, others feel totally protected with them. There is always a new topic to talk about.
In love: they like to know everything before time and for this reason, they are extremely cautious in that subject, they tend to lengthen things.

The thumb on the fingers or on the side 1

The thumb on a finger or above

Those who are characterized by this gesture are very energetic and always seek new knowledge, emotions and try to do the impossible. Altruistic, kind and always help when they can, they like to reassure people. They are sensitive, they have a great imagination and a lot of intuition. Although they like to help and be generous, they always feel insecure. They can become impatient as they put energy into their own interests. They are curious, adventurous and have a great sense of humor. They always laugh at themselves.

The thumb on a finger or above

They need security and always want to be treated honestly. They like to be seen as real people and sometimes they are too kind to their friends. Sometimes they can take advantage of them. The important thing is to take the sincere people around you into account.
In love: they are not good at expressing their emotions freely. Your partner may think that there is only interest between you two, even though they are secretly in love with them. This does not mean they are dishonest, but they tend to repress their feelings.

The thumb on a finger or above 1

The thumb on the fingers up

Extremely humble beings, but they tend to be very polite and intelligent. Restless, active individuals and always try to generate new ideas and projects. They are explorers by nature, sometimes they are very thirsty for knowledge, which can become complicated when they concentrate since they want to learn everything at the same time. Everyone sees them as the genius of the group, they always have an answer for everything and choose their social circle with great care. They only let the people they know they can count on into their lives.

The thumb on the fingers up

In love: they tend to be very selective as with their friends. This can be a bit difficult for them because they say that smart people are usually single until they find the right one. Once you find your love, you will be the only one who will want for the rest of your life. Also, after making a decision, they always support it and follow it. What do you think about this? Do you think your personality does justice to your bodily movements? What kind of personality do you have?

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The thumb on the fingers up 1
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