Published 2018-05-23
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8 Absurd rules that the nannies of the Kardashian must follow...

The Kardashian clan is one of the most powerful in Hollywood and throughout America today, and although this seems easy to control, it is essential to have many rules to follow in their day to day life. Thanks to the great fame that the whole family has had, they must avoid certain things so as not to attract attention in a negative way. In this article, we will tell you about some situations that the Jenner-Kardashian has regarding their babies and that without a doubt will leave you with your mouth open because it is crazy…

Nannies are always attentive to children, and if they so require, they must follow any mandate of what the children need. In addition to this, they take care of the family dogs in the same way. There are so many other weird rules that the people working for this family needs to follow that one article would not do justice to it! Here are some absurd rules that the nannies of the Kardashian must follow!
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1. They have to know fashion

The Kardashian clan is known for its strong inclination towards the fashionable world. Every day they are pending the last rules and the same they demand of the people with whom they contract. Above all, the nannies of the children of the Kardashian should be very careful with what they wear since all the time they are observed by the photographers. The Kardashian clan cannot allow someone who works for them to be dressed in old fashion.

2. They not only care for children

The women who decide to work for the Kardashians have to be aware that their job is not only to take care of the children but also to take care of the pets that the celebrities have. Therefore, they are not only responsible for the children, but also for other living beings. Imagine having someone to take care of your dog! That is the NEXT level!

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3. They cannot participate in the reality show

The nannies hired by the Kardashian sisters, cannot participate in the famous show that tells the life of the family. Although children almost do not appear in the program, when they do, babysitters cannot get out in front of the cameras. For the same reason, everyone thinks that they are the parents who take care of their children, but the reality is very different.

4. Photos are forbidden

Caring for a small child requires a lot of patience and always they need to be aware of what they do. For this reason, nannies are prohibited from using cell phones during their work hours. They can use it only in emergency situations and to be in contact with the parents. They are also strictly forbidden to take photos of their children and share them on social networks.

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5. Always ready to work

Although babysitters were hired mainly to take care of children, they also have to be available for anything else that the famous sisters demand of them. It can be about taking care of pets or also carrying shopping bags. Everything depends on how and what one of the sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan wants.

6. They cannot use jewelry

Since Kim Kardashian has become a mom, she is very careful in every aspect of her life. Since her jewelry was stolen in Paris, she keeps all her jewels very well and does not allow babysitters to wear bracelets, watches or earrings. First, because it is dangerous for babies and second because they can be an object of theft and risk the lives of their children.

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7. They must know how to deal with stress

The life that members of the Kardashian family carry for many can be too stressful. Although they live in luxury and have a lot of money, they also have more worries. They are always busy and they also have to think about their children. For this reason, the nannies they hire have to show that they know how to deal with stressful situations, especially when it comes to the children of the famous.

8. They cannot get too close

Celebrities are known for their odd manias and ideas. Kim Kardashian, for example, is known for valuing her privacy very much. Even women who take care of their children are forbidden to get too close to her. Kim is the boss and says how close they can be and where they should stop. The nannies need her authorization for everything.

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