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6 Zodiac signs that are a torture in a relationship for being indecisive...

When you go out with someone, especially at the beginning, there is nothing worse than receiving ambiguous signals from that special person. We refer to those times in which you have more doubts than you have ever had; times when you ask yourself: "So, are we serious or not?" "Does he feel upset that I sent him a text message?" Basically, there are people who may one day seem interested in you, and the next, they ignore you completely.

6 Zodiac signs that are a torture in a relationship for being indecisive... 1

However, although many are guilty of making us feel confused, how many of us really know what we want, apart from what our horoscope says? It turns out that there are six signs of the zodiac, in particular, that are absolutely horrible in that. So bad, in fact, that they are torture for relationships. Here are zodiac signs that torture in a relationship for being indecisive...

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6 Zodiac signs that are a torture in a relationship for being indecisive... 2

1. Libra

First of all, the sign of Libra is indecisive to the maximum. Therefore, when we speak of sending ambiguous and confusing signals, we can say that it completely governs that territory. In fact, it is likely that, if a Libra is reading this, he has not found anyone who does it better than him. Like most members under this sign, the thoughts and opinions of other people turn into a ten-cent coin, literally.

1. Libra

If they were intelligent, of course, they would shut up to avoid saying things that do not lead to anything, but they never do it, never!

2. Aquarium
Although the sign of Aquarius is not as bad as the one mentioned above, it is still at the top when it comes to sending ambiguous signals. However, unlike Libra, who is well aware of the fact that they are being totally undecided and devious, Aquarius has no idea what they are doing, basically, because they do not live in the real world.

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1. Libra 1

This means that they are too idealistic for their own good, and idealism, although it is a charming quality, simply makes people unable to commit to just one for a long time.

3. Scorpio
Quite similar to Aquarius, but still not so bad when we talk about behaving indecisively, we have Scorpio. The reason why it is on this list is that they are secrets by nature, so their modus operandi is to reveal a part of something, evade the whole issue, and return to comment something more about it.

1. Libra 2

Scorpio is extremely passionate, so once you realize what you really want, everything will go smoothly... unless you spoil them, of course. Then it might be time to throw in the towel.

4. Gemini
Gemini is also on this list of ambiguous signs because, being twins, they simply cannot decide what they want. While it is true that one part of them could be very nice, the other could be repulsive; Yes, it's depressing to hear something like that, but it's true.

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1. Libra 3

Although, in defense of Gemini, we have their great internal struggle, which is more than anything that causes their great indecisiveness, so it might be better to feel bad for them than to hate them for something like that.

5. Cancer
Despite being tremendously affectionate and romantic, the sign of Cancer also has difficulties with communication. This means that, in terms of sending ambiguous signals, they can know exactly what they want.

1. Libra 4

In fact, it is quite sad that Cancer ends up losing many opportunities in love because they cannot express it as they want, causing people to get tired and leave, staying with the indecisiveness they carry on their backs.

6. Sagittarius
Although Sagittarius is the last of the list, we cannot deny the fact that their uncertainty and indecisiveness for almost all things are quite tortuous. The problem with this sign is that they are reckless and really think too much before acting.

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1. Libra 5

Being a zodiac sign that enjoys your freedom and who loves to travel, you could be dating a Sagittarius, believing that he really loves you, and then receiving a text message two days later letting you know he decided to go to Vietnam a couple of weeks. He is not meant to hurt or pretend to be an undecided sign, but ultimately, he is, and it is quite annoying.
And with this list, we have reached the end of our article on signs of the zodiac that stands out for being indecisive and confusing to their partners.

1. Libra 6

Remember that, whether you usually consult the horoscope regularly or just give it credit, the fact that your sign appears here does not necessarily mean that you adjust to the description of it. The topic of astrology is very broad and always discusses its features in a general way, so it would not be fair to say that everyone sticks to the same definition. Indecision is something that can be solved over time, depending on the person and the commitment to fix this facet.

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1. Libra 7
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