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The first thing seen in this image will reveal the most narcissistic personality traits...

You do not have to be a narcissist to behave as such sometimes. There are many personality traits of someone who can be diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder, and the assignment of such a clinical diagnosis is not something that any of us should take lightly. In general, these people have a distorted sense of self-image, showing behaviors that fall within an omnipresent pattern of grandiosity, the constant need for admiration and lack of empathy.

The first thing seen in this image will reveal the most narcissistic personality traits... 1

According to what is established in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), this is indicated by the presence of at least five of the following nine criteria: a great sense of self-importance; concern for fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty or ideal love; belief that this person is special and unique, or that this person can only be understood by other subjects or special or high-level institutions.

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The first thing seen in this image will reveal the most narcissistic personality traits... 2

The person can also show a need for excessive admiration; a sense of right to everything; interpersonal exploitation behavior; lack of empathy; envy others or believe others envy them; and a demonstration of arrogant and haughty behaviors or attitudes. While this problem is a mental health disorder that can only be diagnosed by a licensed and specially trained physician, we all have some narcissistic personality traits, although it does not mean that we all necessarily have a disorder.

The first thing seen in this image will reveal the most narcissistic personality traits... 3

There are simple ways in which each of our personality types tends to focus more on ourselves than on our relationships with others and the outside world. And one way to identify your own particular set of narcissistic traits is, in fact, to perform a personality test! This visual test will only take a few seconds and will give you a complete and clear understanding of the different characteristics that make you who you are. To begin, mentally note down the first thing you notice in the image you see below, and then continue reading to check your answer.

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The first thing seen in this image will reveal the most narcissistic personality traits... 4

1. The woman

If the first thing you noticed was the woman, your most narcissistic personality trait is your focus on physical appearances. You are not completely vain, you do not always judge others by their appearance, but it is something you do when you feel stressed, cornered or out of place. You have the tendency to build yourself by comparing your personal appearance with that of others. Although deep down you know that superficial things are the least important, you cannot avoid evaluating them when you feel insecure.

1. The woman

2. The river

If you saw the river in the first instance, your most narcissistic peculiarity is your approach to the social state. While you know that the quality of your relationships with other people matters more than anything, you may have difficulty changing your own career goals for the people you love. For you, each person's social position can mean much more than the way they treat you or others, and it is something you want to keep in mind to move forward. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong about admiring those who set goals and get them, life is more than elegant titles and bills.

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2. The river

3. The bridge

In case you have set yourself on the bridge, we can say that you stand out when it comes to the lack of empathy. You are not a cold person, nor are you a villain incapable of feeling anything; You can have quite deep feelings, but being aware of someone else's is not always the first thing for you. It is not your first (or second, or third) instinct to verify how other people close to you feel. In fact, you have a tendency to believe in others when they tell you they are okay, instead of delving to see what really happens. You should try to be more aware of the state of the people around you, so you will improve your interpersonal relationships.

3. The bridge

4. The ship

Finally, if the first thing you saw was the ship, you have an inflated sense of self-importance. To achieve success and happiness in life, you must be willing to put your ego aside and depend on the abilities of others at times. That is why it is important to have a social network of friends to turn to in times of need. It is not necessary to make life (which is already difficult) even worse by assuming that only you have what it takes to achieve any job on planet Earth. Sure you're amazing, nobody doubts, but you're not a superhero. Remember to go to your friends when you need it; nobody will think less of you for doing it.

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4. The ship
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