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The most embarrassing moments of celebrities!

As a celebrity, you are always in the spotlight and people are constantly checking on you. Like they are waiting for you to do something wrong or make a mistake and then they will use it against you. You become the trend on Twitter. The most viral content would be about you and your life becomes public, every single bit of the information you were holding tightly too! Shamers are waiting to feed on your corpse. That embarrassing moment would go down the book of the history and they will never forget it! Here are few of them.

Emma Watson

There is no doubt that Emma Watson is one of the best-known actresses of her generation. While her career is closely related to acting in the series of films about Harry Potter. Due to her fabulous physical appearance, she was also able to enter the world of fashion and start collaborating with Burberry and Chanel. Even the most famous stars can make a mistake, right?! Well, for Emma it was even more embarrassing. She though Jimmy Kimmel was Jimmy Fallon and on Fallon’s show, she mentioned how she was a big fan of "I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy!"

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Justin Bieber

When it comes to modern and youth music, there is no doubt that Justin Bieber is one of the greatest exponents. Each show that the Canadian singer organizes is a complete success and all his songs are always among the most listened to radio stations from all over the world. Justin has positioned himself against the Latinos on more than one occasion and more specifically on the Mexicans. This could be one of the reasons why he did not know the words to his own song Despacito!

Julianne Moore

One of the best-known redheaded women in Hollywood (of course, not considering Jodie Foster and Nicole Kidman) continues to amaze the public... and does so despite having turned 57. She won the Oscars for her role in the movie Still Alice. This beauty queen, however, also had had her share of embarrassing moments and for this one, it happened on the red carpet! Just looking at the picture makes us feel the pain she was going through while walking in those!

Whatttt?!!? What fell of Zac Efron's pocket?!

Zac Efron

Zachary David Alexander Efron who is known by his stage name, Zac Efron was born on the 18th of October 1987. After High School musical he gained a tremendous popularity with his incredibly attractive look. He turned into an idol and gave fans couple-goal when his relationship with his High School co-star went public. He was named on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list as number 92. On the premiere of his movie The Lorax, he forgot to check his pockets! Ooopppsss...

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has been a huge pop icon and se* symbol since the late 90’s. With all of that success at a young age. She has just released her new single with Demi Lovato ‘Fall in Line’ that is all about women empowerment. The star had more than one embarrassing moment. She was body shamed and was accused of losing herself! However, this one time she performed is engraved in everyone’s mind! Something blood like seems to be running down her leg which later was revealed to be her spray tan!

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Jerry Seinfeld

One of the richest celebrity in the world is Jerry Seinfeld with an estimated worth of 830 million dollars. Jerry Seinfeld is a stand-up comedian and had his own sitcom show named Seinfeld. This actor from New York is a director, writer, and a producer. In the year 2005, Jerry Seinfeld was named the 12th best comedian of all time. The awkward moment for him was when on the red carpet Kesha, the singer, asked him for a hug but he turned it down thinking she was a crazy fan!

La La Land and Moonlight at Oscars

Everything happened when Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty went to the stage to announce the Oscar winner for the best movie. But something had gotten confused, the card and envelope that they opened, and that led to the misunderstanding! A huge misunderstanding that turned into the most awkward moment in the history of Oscars! The movie La La Land was announced as the winner of the best picture while the actual winner was Moonlight! Ouch!

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Beyoncé, a living legend, a star that has taught all of us what forgiveness means and where you can get by hard work. Queen Bee was born on the 4th of September 1981. In order to stand where she is standing right now, she had been let down millions of times but every time she stood up stronger than ever and tried even harder. Now, she possesses 22 Grammy Awards and is the most nominated woman in the award's history. She was listed by Forbes as the most powerful female in entertainment. With all of this, the fan incident was also something unforgettable and how she handled it!

Jennifer Lawrence

In 2013, the actress of the Hunger Games, won the award for best actress for her performance in the film "Silver Linings Playbook", a film in which she starred with Bradley Cooper. When climbing up the stairs for her prize, Lawrence got stuck with her dress and fell. That fall made her even more of a superstar than the Oscar she received. She is one of the celebrities out there who jokes about everything and makes fun of her own mistakes and falls so to her this was just something to write home about. There also are so many other times. All you need to do is to search Jennifer Lawrence trips!

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