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Kylie Jenner's baby already has all kinds of luxuries...

After hiding the pregnancy until her last months, Kylie Jenner has surprised us by showing her little Stormi Webster through social networks. It is true that many parents are quite reluctant to show the public the faces of their children, and that is why the behavior of Kylie at the beginning did not surprise excessively. However, this baby is very spoiled and her mother shows images of many branded clothes and a life of luxuries that, as was foreseen, the young woman provides for her little girl.

Kylie Jenner's baby already has all kinds of luxuries... 1

We leave you to all the photos that there are of Stormi in the networks.

The official Stormi stroller...
The stroller that Kylie bought for her first-born is very original. Not only is it very comfortable for the baby to travel with ease, but it also has a lot of styles and is very elegant. The stroller is from the brand Fendi, one of the most favorite of the beautiful celebrity. The good thing is that the stroller is not very heavy and for that reason, Kylie can take her wherever she goes.

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Kylie Jenner's baby already has all kinds of luxuries... 2

All parents know that life with a baby is not easy since many spare things are needed. But for Kylie, that's not a problem because, with the money she has, she can buy everything she needs for her daughter. She did not hesitate a moment to buy another stroller. In case if the first one gets dirty or does not look good with the clothes...

The push gift

The push gift

Many times it happens that when a baby is born, everyone focuses on him/her and forgets the person who gave life to him/her, that is, the mother. But in Kylie's case, it was not like that. What's more, when her boyfriend and Stormi's father found out that the girl had already arrived in this world, it was so much emotion that he decided to buy Kylie Lamborghini's newest version of the limited edition for her push present

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The push gift 1

Kylie, as a child, was very pretty and sweet. Everyone loved the little girl's sense of humor and always smiled. Today, Kylie is still a lovely woman. Do you think her daughter looks like her beautiful mother?
It is not a mystery that Kylie Jenner's life focuses largely on the fashion world and her style always has to be impeccable. From the first days of the life of her daughter, Kylie tries that the little girl has the clothes of the best brands and the best quality.

The push gift 2

Jenner enjoys her motherhood a lot, but she does not stop thinking about the style.
There are many people who oppose publishing the faces of their children on social networks. In the beginning, Kylie also did not want everyone to see her daughter, but more and more we can see more pictures of little Stormi with her beautiful mother. The baby is getting used to the paparazzi that will always be present in her life.

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The push gift 3

The support of grandmothers is invaluable not only when our children are small but throughout their lives. Here we see the beautiful image of little Stormi with her great grandma. There is no stronger connection than the one between grandchildren and grandparents!
The perfect combination...
Although in this photo we do not see the face of Kylie, we can appreciate other details.

The push gift 4

Kylie, as always, proves that even staying at home with her baby, she cannot stop taking care of herself and forgetting about her femininity. Both are always well combined. We can see that Kylie also takes great care that her daughter is comfortable.
The youngest of the Kardashian clan has to start getting used to the omnipresent cameras that will accompany her for the rest of her life. For this reason, her mother from a very early age shows her what the photos are...

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The push gift 5

When we want to take a good selfie, we have to meet several requirements. Above all, we have to make sure that our face is in good condition. It is also good to make a funny face or send a kiss for the camera. In this way, we will obtain a perfect selfie. Kylie Jenner is one of the moms who has recovered faster than many others from childbirth. She is in an excellent shape, both physically and emotionally. She wanted to show off to everyone her first-born and here we have the results. Little Stormi does not want her mom to leave her for a moment. With her, she feels more secure and loved.

The push gift 6

So we present one of the first photos of Stormi that Kylie published on their social networks. It was taken when the beautiful mom and her daughter were still in the hospital. Stormi's little hand is very small compared to her mother's hand. How beautiful newborn babies are!

We do not know if this beautiful drawing represents Kylie and herself as a baby or if it is Kylie and her baby Stormi in the future. Be we are sure that the little one, when she grows up, will be just as beautiful as her mom.

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The push gift 7
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