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Kylie Jenner's baby already has all kinds of luxuries...

All parents know that life with a baby is not easy since many spare things are needed. But for Kylie, that's not a problem because, with the money she has, she can buy everything she needs for her daughter. She did not hesitate a moment to buy another stroller. In case if the first one gets dirty or does not look good with the clothes...

The push gift

The push gift

Many times it happens that when a baby is born, everyone focuses on him/her and forgets the person who gave life to him/her, that is, the mother. But in Kylie's case, it was not like that. What's more, when her boyfriend and Stormi's father found out that the girl had already arrived in this world, it was so much emotion that he decided to buy Kylie Lamborghini's newest version of the limited edition for her push present

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The push gift 1
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