Published 2017-01-02
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Quick ways to make friends according to science

Whichever new place we go to, sometimes to feel less lonely it's required to make friends quickly. Lucky for us, behavioral researcher Jon Levy, while doing research for his book, made some intriguing revelations about friendships. And according to him, this works, because it's tried and tested by him so we don't have to. We know it works because he said: "Built enough trust with a duty-free cashier in the Stockholm airport that she left her job to travel with me and my entire family (all 13 of us) for a week". So what are you waiting for guys? Go make more friends!

1. Begin with a litmus test

This does not mean doing a science experiment as soon as you meet someone, but a little test to check their reliability. When you meet a person for the first time, find out if they're honest, friendly and magnanimous. Some ways to test it out is by asking them the amount they think an employee on average steals from the cash register.

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Those who lack honesty are probably going to give a high number, since we expect others resemble us. After that, request that they draw the letter E on their foreheads. Individuals who are self-centered will probably draw the letter facing themselves. Even if in some cases it does not work, it's a great conversation starter!

2. Request favors

According to research, we can pick up the trust of others fast by asking little favors, and then working up to greater ones. Begin by approaching them for the time or to take a photograph and construct the relationship from that point.

This doesn't mean attempting to con individuals or turning out to be excessively needy and dependent. Start by approaching a colleague for a drink to find out about their work, and after that ask them to introduce themselves. Relationships have a policy of give and take, so reciprocal is key. Show them that they are valued too.

3. Keep it familiar

As humans, we're prone to be attracted to things that we're familiar with, so it's best to find some kind common ground with the people we meet. It's been proved many times that we connect instantly with individuals from the same school, company, clubs, and background. We even connect quickly when we can bond over the same kind of activities, likes, and dislikes.

It could be anything from working out together at the gym, working in the same department, studying the same course or subject or even having similar hangout places and hobbies, with a common goal you make quicker connections. It’s just as simple as it looks, all you need is a little touch of confidence and you’re good to go.

4. Have a fabulous time

The best way to make others think you're cool and fun is by spending time with them doing things that are fun. It automatically makes them perceive that you are. But for that, you need to be able to find the common ground, the things in common between you. Only then it makes it easier to do things together while enjoying it.

It’s always good when you are your true self and not pretending to be someone you’re not. By going to a comedy club you may seem like a funny person or a person with a great sense of humor, by taking part in activities that involve physical strength like hiking or bowling you'll seem like an adventurous and daring person. All this is provided you're interested in it, not because you're doing it just to impress them.

5. All's well that ends well

If by chance the meeting did not go as expected, it's advised to end it on a high note. We tend to recollect pinnacles of encounters and how they end. In the event that you prolong your encounters, the force and satisfaction will drop. It is more likely that, if it will end on a sad note, they will remember you that much less.
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