Published 2018-06-04
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6 Zodiac couples who must think twice before being together...

Scorpio and Cancer

As you know well, these signs of the zodiac are very introverted, and that is one of the main reasons why it is so complicated to make a relationship between both and have a normal and harmonious course. But there is one more thing! The sign of Cancer is very closed and sensitive, while Scorpio is ruthless and does not worry too much about things. Therefore, one could say that they are practically incompatible since they are not able to enter into common ground in order to build a happy relationship. Of course, you can still try, but it's not worth the risk.

Scorpio and Cancer

Virgo and Gemini

These signs of the zodiac are the exception to the rule that the "the opposite sign is the best partner" because they simply are not able to find peace or calm living together. They are too different and it is difficult to find what they have in common. Virgo companions are not flexible and want things to be done in a certain way, while those born under Geminis are completely different. They are very flexible, they hate stability and routine. As a consequence, the relationship between Virgo and Gemini is doomed from the beginning.

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Virgo and Gemini
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These 3 pairs of signs are destined to last ALL LIFE...
6/6/18, 6:06 AM
Dude... Scorpio and cancer make THE BEST duo... Go do your homework properly
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