Published 2018-06-04
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9 Weird things that men love and women have no idea about...

The topic of relationships is very broad and multidimensional, so at no time can be generalized when talking about the preferences of one gender or another. Both men and women have their own tastes that are different in each case and it is something that must always be kept in mind. In any case, at the same time, there are certain prevalences that depend on a large percentage of human biology. Remember: we belong to the animal world and although we live in very advanced societies, our lives are governed by the same laws as those of other creatures. Therefore, completely unconsciously, we choose the person with whom we feel we can transmit our genes in a better way as a couple.

Well, it is clear that everything is much more complicated and nobody thinks about procreation when meeting a new person. However, life itself and general observation show that having some of these qualities helps you find a partner.

1. The curves
It is nothing new. From the exclusively biological point of view, wide hips are the method of biology to say: "this feminine individual is fertile and has good genes". It is clear that in our society of human beings we do not only have this factor in mind, but it is clear that men like a girl with well-defined curves.

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2. The bad girls

When a relationship is beginning, both he and she does everything possible to create a good image of themselves and to like the other person. Usually, the good image is composed of friendly, altruistic, generous behaviors, etc. In a single word, we could describe it as being a "good" person. However, if you are always good for him, it is possible that you are throwing too much sugar into the potion. This can be boring for many men. Numerous social studies show that men prefer women who are a bit bad because with them they have a better time in different areas of life if you know what we mean…

Further, they are sure that with them they can live all kinds of strange adventures without having to worry excessively that their little princess will stain the impeccable dress. The boys prefer relaxed women and the bad ones.

3. Difficult girls
You have to know that a man's heart, regardless of what you see in his physique or behavior, is 100% warrior. He was born to conquer and fight challenges. That's why they end up getting bored with those girls who open their arms too easily. Everything in moderation, but if you leave a small way for him to conquer you, you will make him happy and your love will have a different flavor.

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4. Rude and brave women

There is nothing more exciting for a man than to be able to live adventures with his wife. After conquering you, he does not want to stay at home all his life and die of boredom. Yes, you are his princess, but you are also a strong woman who knows how to get by in life. Do you know how to change a tire? Do you know how a tap works? Don’t you mind getting a little dirty just to be scared? Then you are the dream of any man. Keep in mind that it is not that you know how to do everything by yourself and do not need him: let him fix the tap or change the tire, but have the necessary skills to help him at all times.

5. Women of strong characters

This paragraph will be similar to the previous one, but we will focus on another aspect of life. Strong character is knowing how to say "no" when you are against something or when he does something wrong. Remember that he is still a man and can be lost among the different decisions of life and he needs you so that you know how to show him a different point of view. Do not accept anything he does, especially if you feel that it is against your moral or can harm the relationship, other people, him or you.

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6. Jealous women

You may think that it is a lie, but it is not. However, before explaining any detail you have to remember that it is a moderate amount of jealousy. If you show a little jealousy from time to time, it is a sign that he is important to you, you love him and care for him. You can go ahead and check his cell phone every time, scream when you see him talking to any other girl and spy on his social media and you will be turning your life and your relationship into hell in a very effective way. The moderate amount of jealousy depends on the relationship, but it is clear that it is a microscopic dose compared to the amount of trust and love that you have to give each other.

7. Women who know themselves very well

All men like women who know their body well. On the one hand, they have greater self-esteem and security, a very attractive factor at any time, but also for another very simple reason, the woman who knows her own body knows what she can give and how to do it. It goes without saying that the love life with a girl like this is much more interesting than with one who does not know what to do.

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8. Funny women

The question is simple: would you like to be with someone who does not smile and hardly says anything? Most likely you will answer something like: no, I would be bored. Well, in the same way, men respond to women who do not know how to have a good time. When you go to the party with him and you spend the whole afternoon silent and like a corpse at his side, he does not have a good time. Above all, men want their partner to be a girl with vital energy, who has a good time among other people, who knows how to tell and listen to stories, who laughs a lot and who is friendly.

9. Women of passionate minds

Any man will enjoy a partner that is just like them or worse. If it happens to you to have twisted thoughts and imagine things that we should not necessarily describe in more detail in this article, do not allow them to remain inside you. If you know how to express everything that is not quite decent, but that gives pleasure, you will have a wonderful time.

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