Published 2018-06-05
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8 Things that happen between the couple when the end of a relationship approaches...

Interpersonal relationships are very important in the life of each one. We cannot live without other people and, even if we do not have an intimate relationship with someone, we are always connected with our family or friends. Maintaining good contact with others and getting along with our surroundings often requires work and some sacrifices that not everyone is willing to follow and make.

Above all, relationships with our partner are something we never stop working on. The loving unions are very delicate and demand even more from us. First, we have to know our second half well, know what he likes and what he does not like. Here are some signs that may indicate that a relationship is about to end and what can be done in that case.
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1. The lack of passion

Love is a very mature feeling and surpasses passion in every sense. However, without passion, it is very difficult for a relationship to survive the daily routine. When a relationship begins, the couple just wants to be alone and look for any time to show how much they are in love with each other. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, passion can disappear, especially when we have less time for ourselves, children arrive and our daily routine kills us. So let's not forget to look for those moments during the day that reminds us how much we love each other and why we are with our partner.

2. Frustration

Some people, with the passage of time, often lose the patience they have for their partner. Instead of reassuring ourselves and trying to solve problems, we shout, fight and sometimes even insult our partner. Frustration does not get us anywhere, and instead of improving things, it can end our relationship.

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3. Intimacy ceases to exist

Intimacy is an essential factor in every relationship. We need moments alone with our partner to talk quietly and especially to simply be with the person we love. Physical contact is decisive and no relationship can survive without it. As couples, we should search every day even if it is a few minutes to be alone with the person we love the most. The moment intimacy ceases to exist or we even do everything just to not be with our partner, we should worry and ask ourselves if the relationship has any future, or if it is time to end it.

4. Lack of communication

Communication is the key to a good relationship. If we do not talk, we cannot know how our partner feels, what their expectations or concerns are. The more we talk, the better we know our second half. Listening to the other, expressing feelings and sharing our point of view is very important for a relationship to work in the right way.

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5. Not having plans together

Many times it happens that two people are carried away by feelings and do not think about talking about their future at the beginning of their relationship. On the other hand, a couple who wants to spend the rest of their lives together should plan well for years to come. Maybe not in detail, but have a life plan or at least be clear about what your goals are. It can help a lot to go through the complicated moments and move on.

6. Unresolved conflicts

We have to be aware that the perfect relationship does not exist. Each couple has to go through difficult times, but you have to know how to reach an agreement and solve problems. Sometimes it happens that conflicts accumulate and remain unresolved. In this way, our frustration is getting bigger and bigger and we begin to detest our partner. Remember to talk about things the moment they bother you!

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7. Trust disappears

Trust is one of the elements that is needed to create a lasting relationship. It may disappear because of the lack of communication or because of something much more serious, for example by a betrayal. The trust of another person is not gained from one day to the next, it is an arduous job that can take a long time. However, we can lose it in a moment. It is important to maintain good communication with our partner and speak clearly so that trust can prevail.

8. The lack of respect

Along with communication and trust, respect is one of the essential factors in forming a good relationship. Respect shows that we love our partner and that we want the best for him or her. When we start with shouting or even raising our hand to our partner, the relationship is surely about to end.

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