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9 Text messages that men always respond to...

In all relationships, there are usually times when passion begins to die down. But, although we think that everything is due to routine, day-to-day stress or life as a couple, the fact is that the lack of initiative and the desire to conquer our partner tend to play a much more important role. Therefore we propose a series of messages that any man will answer to immediately and we assure you that it will be with the greatest smile on his face.

1. I do not know what clothes to wear... Can you help me?

The key to many messages is to play with the content of the images because if we accompany this idea with a pair of very sensual clothing sets, we will surely have our boy at our feet. Do not try to be just elegant, because your goal is to capture their attention and raise the tone of possible conversations or even future plans. If you see that there is nothing tempting in your wardrobe, try to take the photo in a clothing store. This way he can participate in the selection.

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2. I know you're in the gym, but I want you to save energy for later...

No matter where you are or what you are doing, whenever you have imagination you can play with the elements to put together your own daring message. The promises of something future can be one of the best examples to make a person look forward to seeing you. Simply remember to almost always meet, or you may lose all the efficiency with which they are usually followed. Now you can handle the situation so that everything plays in your favor.

3. I do not know what clothes to wear, so I'd better wait for you without anything until you help me...

There is nothing better to raise the temperature than to play with the imagination of what awaits you at home. And absolutely all men are going to want to check if what you promised really awaits them. Be sure that if your partner does not do everything possible to get home as soon as possible, it is because the flame has already completely extinguished. In 99% of the remaining times, the best will be to arrive and knock on the door. What do you have to lose?

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4. Last night I forgot to try something... Can we repeat today?

An explosive mixture is the innovation proposition with a new dose of passion. As if it were a trumpet blast, your man will start thinking about you and what awaits him. It is especially advisable when the previous night was one of those special moments that everyone has in his head for a long time. Now you just need to know what you wanted to try that night because surely it will be the hook you need! So start searching...

5. I'm very cold and have little clothes on... Are you going to warm me?

It is not necessary to be explicit to get your child's attention, but sometimes it can be a powerful incentive. We only leave you some advice! The more you leave to the imagination, the greater the effect that our message will have because if we are too literal we will end up creating more than a special occasion, a screenplay of adult films. Always the first option will be much more interesting for both since it will allow you to set the limits of your experience.

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6. I'm taking a bath and I cannot stop thinking about you...

One of the most extended characteristics in all the boys is the ability to visualize images in their heads, completing the information and creating expectations. It is therefore important to remind you that at all times they are in your mind because this way you transmit an idea that will make you feel safe, at the same time that you give rise to the emergence of a practically assured moment of passion. You can decorate this message based on your response.

7. You scent drives me crazy

It is good to use all your senses to tell him that you are crazy in love, you can talk about a cologne or his smell in general. Everyone has an essence and we can realize that it will be like that with that person, it is a detail that not many perceive and that is not always expressed as a compliment. Many men use colonies so that when they see you, you can see that he is a retailer in any aspect, they like to satisfy your sight and also your smell.

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8. You are a real man

Most of the women are not waiting for the statement "you are so feminine". After all, if you're a woman, you do not have to be convinced about it. We do not know where it came from, but the guy likes to hear he's a real man. Maybe it's because of the crisis of masculinity that is being talked about so often now... Let him know that you do not consider him a delicate and effeminate wimp. In the words "you are so masculine", there is the admiration and acceptance males need so much.

9. I have the perfect bed. Can you help me undo it?

Again the perfect complement to a message is to leave it all to the imagination. Once you finish sending it, you will have to try by all means to make it come true, putting everything you can to make the creativity of a night of unbridled passion. We have left you the first steps, now it's your turn to design your own creations. Never forget the golden rule: you must never break your word. The rest is only in your hands.

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