Published 2018-06-06
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What do you see first in this image? The answer will say how you are in relationships...

1. The psychological test

To solve this psychological test you should focus on the first thing that crosses your mind when it comes to seeing the image that we propose. Focus on your own figure, not on what inspires you, what it conveys to you or whether the combination is right or not. We propose the two possible answers in the following pages, but we also make it clear that there is a possibility that there may be more personal interpretations. Do not be discouraged if you have not seen what we asked.

1. The psychological test

Keep in mind that we are only going to analyze the way you behave during your relationships, without moral, intimate or personal implications. It is therefore important to be completely honest when choosing the figure because if we change the option to cheat, the test will not have any possible validity. Of course, you are free to think about the validity of this test and we recommend that you keep your personal opinion if you see that it does not match the one we offer.

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1. The psychological test 1
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