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Signs that show that someone envies you, but does not say it

Sometimes it is not so easy to explain the feelings that human beings experience. The behavior of some people is often ambiguous, and it becomes very complicated to know when a compliment or congratulation has the best intentions. There are many people that because of their personality, we do not really know the reasons, but we simply cannot trust them. We do not know if it is because of the way they tell us things, or because of that sarcasm that denotes their words. But, we are sure of something, they are not completely sincere.

Perhaps you have met someone who in the past spoke negative things behind our backs, and you simply cannot accept them in the best way. Although, on the other hand, there are also those who are expert masters in disguising their true intentions when making a comment about someone else. However, even for those experts in the art of deception, there are ways to unmask them. When someone is jealous of you, it usually shows several or all the signs that we show you below.

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Always try to compete with you

When someone feels jealous of our achievements or needs theirs to be recognized in the same way, it usually initiates a series of events in which, consciously or unconsciously, they are in direct competition with you. This is very common among co-workers, who seek to appear more efficient and give better results in the eyes of the boss. However, it also occurs among best friends or among siblings. The latter is usually the eldest of the family, after the arrival of a new member because, suddenly, from one moment to another, their parents spend more time with the new member.

Demerit your achievements

For obvious reasons, when that person feels that you are better than her in whatever field, she will always try to make your achievements look like something banal. This is a way to feel better about your own self. Generally, those who feel jealous of someone, tend to be beings with a very low self-esteem. Therefore, they are much more aware of what others do than to improve their techniques and skills to obtain better results in their own objectives.

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Imitate your actions

Jealousy is really a kind of admiration. That is, whoever feels that you are ahead of them, because, in one way or another, you recognize that your skills surpass theirs. For this reason, those who feel jealous of you will very often try to imitate exactly what you do. Sometimes you can try to hide it, or give it a different spin, but with the same background. For example, if you like to see a series dealing with forensic medicine, it is very likely that you will see one dealing with criminology. These limitations are also very common in the way they talk and dress.

Bad comments

These people will take advantage of any eventuality or comment they may use against you to damage your image to those who are part of their social circle in common. This resource is often used with the intention, rather than to do you some harm, to gain sympathy. However, it is one of the actions that most plays against him, because it is generally known that such comments were only insults and gossip, and the image that is damaged is precisely the one who invented everything.

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False adulation

This is one of the most recurrent actions among the envious. It is a way that they earn time to work on a better tactic that allows them to complete their main objective, to demerit your success and show the world that they are better than you. However, even if they are experts in it, there is always an inner voice that tells us that the congratulations or admiration shown are simply false. In fact, it is very likely that in the past they have already spoken badly about you behind your back, or that they have already shown one of the previous points, so their flattery will be completely incredible.

Show off achievements

Due to the low level of their self-esteem, the envious ones require the constant recognition of those around them, in order to somehow feel that they have some value. For this reason, each one that reaches an objective will take advantage of the opportunity to rub it and flaunt it. There is nothing wrong with recognizing the success of others. However, his way of demonstrating his achievements will usually be ostentatious. Most of the time it has to do with the obtaining of power, the acquisition of a material good, some promotion, or a juicy increase.

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Irrational antipathy

For no apparent reason, those who envy you will show their disdain towards you in many ways. They will usually talk the worst way about you, and will almost always do it behind your back. Even in extreme cases, there are those who will try to sabotage your day so that you really have a bad time. The phenomenon of "Labor Bullying" is a clear example of this. There are envious people who attack the person they are jealous of directly or indirectly and do everything they can to ruin their lives.

Glad you stumble

Not satisfied with acting against you in different ways, a person who feels jealous of you will show your satisfaction when something bad happens to you. Of course, your mistakes, erroneous comments, and in general everything that can play against you, will be a sufficient reason for joy. Coupled with the fact of rejoicing in your misfortune, you will take advantage of the moment to ridicule yourself before your social circle in common.

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