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10 Text messages that drive men crazy

The instant messaging applications that we use every day can be the ideal incentive to improve a romantic relationship or attract a man effusively. Although it is not usual to talk about it, knowing how to write sensual texts is essential so that your flame does not go out searching for it. We cannot always be together with the special being we love, but we can make that individual go crazy because he cannot stop pondering over us... To help you with that, we leave you with these 11 messages…

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 1

1. I wish I was with you: The best thing to "prepare the ground" would be things like: "What would you like to do if I were by your side?", Or "Let’s see how far your imaginations can go talking on the cell phone?" All this will give you ideas about your interests at that moment...

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 2

2. Ask for another time: Make it clear that you have it in mind and that you want to have a hot moment with him again. You cannot resist responding to the moment…

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 3

3. Dreams: Express to him that he appeared in your dreams and that you must tell him all the details, or perhaps put them into practice...

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 4

4. Make it clear that he attracts you: "You are very sensual, nobody has ever kissed me like this before".

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 5

5. Let him know that he left you satisfied: "I still feel pleasure thinking about what we did yesterday", with this you will make them return to those bedroom moments in their thoughts, and that they want to return to you as soon as possible…

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 6

6. Distraction at work: Send a message in which he can read about how little you can concentrate on your job because of what will happen at night when he joins you.

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 7

7. Describe what you are wearing: This will make his imagination fly and imagine every corner of your body. From there he can play with his mind at his whim. Take off your clothes, go into the shower, ask for his opinion... Everything is worth it…

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 8

8. Naive and innocent pictures: These documents that you must send at different times of the day cannot cross the limit of the sensual, although always you need to leave an open door that you will use later. These types of messages are ideal for when you still do not have enough confidence in him, and you can use some specific events to attract his eyes. For example, when you are taking a bath, or when you are at the beach and he cannot accompany you…

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 9

9. Send risky snapshots: When you are totally devoted to virtual conversations and the temperature has risen enough, it is the ideal time to give him snapshots where you begin to teach him more. At this point, you always have to be careful whom you send these files to because falling into the wrong hands could be horrible. Do it as long as you feel good about yourself, and about the guy unquestionably…

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 10

10. Explain in detail what you want to do: Think about everything you want to practice with him and write it down in the chat. Maybe you can use the audio recordings to moan or tenderly whisper all the phases you want to spend with him. Everything your libido and imagination pose to you will be great to convey to him. In a short time, you will observe an incredible response on your part, it never fails…

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 11

11. Ask him about what he wants: After doing it, ask him to tell you what he would like to do at night. Make it clear how much those things heat you up and ask for more. In all relationships, there are usually times when passion begins to die down. But, although we think that everything is due to routine, day-to-day stress or life as a couple, the fact is that the lack of initiative and the desire to conquer our partner tend to play a much more important role.

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 12

The key to many messages is to play with the content of the images because if we accompany this idea with a pair of very sensual clothing sets, we will surely have our boy at our feet. Do not try to be just elegant, because your goal is to capture their attention and raise the tone of possible conversations or even future plans. If you see that there is nothing tempting in your wardrobe, try to take the photo in a clothing store. This way he can participate in the selection.

10 Text messages that drive men crazy 13

No matter where you are or what you are doing, whenever you have imagination you can play with the elements to put together your own daring message. The promises of something future can be one of the best examples to make a person look forward to seeing you. Simply remember to almost always meet, or you may lose all the efficiency with which they are usually followed. Now you can handle the situation so that everything plays in your favor.

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