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6 Controversial children of celebrities...

In the times of the old regime, before the liberal revolutions that gave rise to more societies where social mobility became possible beyond the fate that family, conquest, and marriage could determine, the expression cradle was used and fortune to allude to the importance for the destiny of the people who had their family origin at birth. Some consider that this expression has current validity, although the truth is that real life shows that it is not always positive to be born with a resolute life.

In the present article, we bring many examples of this, through the turbulent life of seven sounded children of celebrities.

1. Paris Jackson
We started with the most graceful daughters and sons that Michael Jackson had during his controversial life. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson was born on April 3, 1998 and is is the second child and only daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe.

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The descendant of the king of pop suffered a series of strong changes connected with the setback that meant for Paris the loss of her father. The turn that changed and moved her life to the world of depression and drugs, a situation that caused her to precipitate down a hill in the direction of depression, and several unfortunate attempts to kill herself. Her angelic aspect died to make way for another more daring and transgressor.

2. Elijah Blue Allman

This problematic boy, perhaps less well-known, is descendant of the pair Greg Allman and Cher. But if he appears on this list we can already imagine what the reason is. Everything was going well during the times when the relationship with his mother was good. But the absence of his mother on his wedding in 2014, was caused by problems that existed between Cher and her daughter-in-law…

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Which triggered a series of attitudes that no one would have ever imagined, although it is true that these misunderstandings between the two women already came from far. Such was his downfall, that to this day Elijah is recovered, but has required no less than 8 years of treatment for his involvement in alcohol and heroin.

3. Sean Stewart
The beloved son of Rod Stewart has been causing problems since he was just a child.

His predisposition seems to have a genetic origin that his surroundings and socialization have only made it worse. He is addicted to drugs and is an alcoholic. This situation came to such a point that his own father had to withdraw the pension he received since he spent all his income on the drugs. This triggered many problems in the father-son relationship and reached the summit of the "bad boys" in 2002 when he was accused of assaulting a man in Miami.

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4. Bobbi Kristina Brown

The daughter of Whitney Houston was the worst because of her mother's death, which not only dislodged her but the entire international scene. However, as it is evident, it was worse for her than for anyone else. From the moment the tragic loss took place, Bobbi began a relationship with Whitney Houston, a boy her mother had adopted, a case that generated great controversy.

Bobby went out with Nick and took a bad path that eventually ended with her own death in 2015 when she was found in a lifeless bathtub.

5. Weston Cage
The eldest son of Nicolas Cage is also a piece of art, and on numerous occasions has attracted the attention of the press for reasons quite controversial.

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He has married a couple of times, and as the only positive aspect to this trajectory, it is worth noting that with his second women he had a descendant who helped him to get ahead in front of his addictions. In the year 2017, he was arrested after escaping from the scene of a serious accident. He was found in a medical institution and had to pay a large fine.

6. Cameron Douglas

Michael Douglas has had a fly bothering him throughout his life and his name is Cameron. In 2010 the first arrest came, and it was for the possession of heroin, a substance that can be said to be addicted since he was young. In the year 2017, she lived an atypical adventure with her Yoga instructor, named Viviane Thibes, and left her pregnant. He had a daughter with her who laid the first stone in the path that she now follows to direct her life again.

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