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6 Controversial children of celebrities...

The descendant of the king of pop suffered a series of strong changes connected with the setback that meant for Paris the loss of her father. The turn that changed and moved her life to the world of depression and drugs, a situation that caused her to precipitate down a hill in the direction of depression, and several unfortunate attempts to kill herself. Her angelic aspect died to make way for another more daring and transgressor.

2. Elijah Blue Allman

This problematic boy, perhaps less well-known, is descendant of the pair Greg Allman and Cher. But if he appears on this list we can already imagine what the reason is. Everything was going well during the times when the relationship with his mother was good. But the absence of his mother on his wedding in 2014, was caused by problems that existed between Cher and her daughter-in-law…

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