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8 years that were much more terrible than 2016

There has been a lot of celebrity deaths this past year, the killings in Syria and Donald Trump's presidential achievement. That all prompted us to believe that 2016 is possibly the worst year ever. But instead of getting ahead of ourselves, in terms of history, 2016 isn't too bad, it could've been far more worse compared to these incidents in history.

1. 1348

During the 14th century when 12 trading ships came to the Sicilian port of Messina after a journey through the Black Sea, little did they know that they brought with them The Black Death, a catastrophic plague between the years of 1348-1350. It murdered nearly 1.5 million in number, destroying half of the population in England and around 20 million over Europe and Asia somewhere around 1346 and 1353.

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2. 1492

For some, this was the year Christopher Columbus cruised to America. But, for the native people of the Americas, it was the start of the end. According to figures, some 80-90 percent of the local population was killed as an aftereffect of European Diseases. It's so named because these diseases were brought to the American continent by the Europeans. Some of it were: chickenpox, cholera, measles, tuberculosis, influenza and more.

3. 1666

London seems to have been the target for all kinds of problems those days. In 1665 The Great Plague of London took over England, which was a continuation of the Black Death. An expected 100,000 people, nearly one-fourth of London's populace in less than two years was killed. Just when the city was getting back on its feet, the Great Fire of London, in September, continued to obliterate more than 70,000 out of 80,000 homes in London.

4. 1919

The 1918 influenza pandemic contaminated 50 million individuals and brought about the demise of 50-100 million individuals, i.e. (3%-5%) of the total populace.
Similarly in 1919, six months after World War I, Germany was compelled to sign the Treaty of Versailles, Article 231, known as the 'Guilt Clause', which basically blamed the whole war on Germany. They were asked for millions worth of compensation from the nation which drove it into depression. Numerous history specialists ascribed this condition as a component of Adolf Hitler's ascent to control.

5. 1933

This was the most terrible year of the Great Depression because unemployment crested at 25.2 percent which means that one in every four individuals weren't employed.
When Adolf Hitler turned into the chancellor of Germany he started the first inhumane imprisonment concentration camp at Dachau.

6. 1942

Germany assumed control over a significant part of the Soviet Union, the Japanese battled with the Western nations in Asia. The Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor, which left many Japanese-Americans imprisoned in America, in what was to end up distinctly as a mass approach of racial profiling. As war expanded, the government was in dire need to raise funds for it.

7. 1994

1994 was the year of Rwandan Genocide. A round figure of 800,000 Rwandans, which was in majority a part of the Tutsi tribe, were killed in only 100 days, by the Hutus. Hutu was an ethnic group in the East Central African region of Rwanda. The killings were started by the extreme nationalists of Hutu. The deathly genocide spread across the nation rapidly and had become a humanitarian crisis.

8. 2001

This is one incident everyone knows and remembers, September 11, 2001. It imprints one of the biggest attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, bringing about the demise of around 3,000. It denotes the start of the 'War on Terror'. Since then, the arrangements made has prompted the US and the UK going into what many regard as silly wars, which still keeps affecting the world even today.

After going down memory lane, even if it was possibly the worst events that could ever happen, we’ve never been more glad to not be part of it. The suffering and pain those people had gone through are indescribable. It only makes us more thankful that most of us weren’t alive to see all of it. We can easily say, without a second doubt that 2016 was not as bad as it seemed.
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