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10 Images that show that money is the new love!

In love, the age or the wealth of each does not matter! Or that’s what they say! Throughout this article you will see numerous cases of young girls who married big millionaires simply for the money they had; or at least, that's what we think…

1. Ivan Krasko married Natalia Shevel, and the age difference between them was nothing more and nothing less than 60 years. It is true that there are many happily married people who have a wide range of age gap between them, but this couple is somewhat exorbitant. It's as if a girl is married to the grandfather of one of her friends. We think that this girl was in love with anything else, except Mr. Krasko.

10 Images that show that money is the new love! 1

2. This guy seems to know perfectly well that his girl is with him because of the great fortune he treasures. The good thing about this is that despite this, the man does not think it's a bad idea since he is dedicated to enjoying the company of this beautiful woman. Everyone can think whatever they want about the way they see these types of relationships and about them. In our case, we think that the only love that is worthwhile is true love…

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10 Images that show that money is the new love! 2

3. Honestly, in some cases, it may seem that the man does not know anything and that he is blinded by the girl who has managed to make him fall in love. But in others, the man seems to be crazy and live a lie to enjoy the last years of his life. In this case, we believe that this man is one of those; He thinks there is a possibility that she is with him for his money. We hope it's not like that and it's good to love…

4. At first, they may think that she is the typical pampered girl of dad, who accompanies her to buy everything she asks for. However, to everyone's surprise, this girl is really the girlfriend of this man in a suit who is attending to some important business issue. As you may well appreciate, there is no longer a way to find out what love is!

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10 Images that show that money is the new love! 3

5. Clearly, it can be seen that he is passing away only by looking at his - now - partner. The old man is almost "drooling" while watching the face of his beloved one, while she poses with a face of few friends before the cameras. There are cases in which not a day has passed since the marriage, which is already noted that it is for convenience; this is the unknown side of these kinds of love. We pity the deception who suffered by some of these poor grandparents…

6. Looking at this picture it seems like the typical lovely photo of a grandfather and his favorite granddaughter during a family event, but the reality is different. This beautiful female is the partner of this man, who is closer to 100 than 50. We assume that the worst thing of all is to listen to the poor innocent children of the family ask the grandfather about the age of his partner. They are uncomfortable moments for both, although she does not care much about what people say, after all.

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7. Another case in which it is very clear that this girl is with this man for reasons other than physical attraction. It may be that he has managed to make this girl fall in love with him, for her the physique does not matter, but knowing that this man has a lot of money makes us think that it has not been too complicated to "convince" this girl to be with him.

8. Look at how happy Richard Lugner is to be married to this young lady. Apparently, the girl he married was 24 years old, is one of the most famous playboy bunnies. Apparently, he liked to go to the Vienna State Opera with young girls, but he got tired of that and then he focused his head at 81 years old on only one person and got married…

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10 Images that show that money is the new love! 5

9. This may be the most exaggerated case of all. It is true that love does not understand ages, tastes, wealth... but in this case, there are many factors that make us think that this is not true love at all. First, the age difference that is so great; later, the great wealth that this man has. Finally, with all the respect in the world, this older man is not a handsome, as normal people at his age are. It is almost impossible to think that this girl was in love with this man because of his physical attraction…

10. Finally, this may be the most difficult case to unmask. John Mellencamp, the famous American singer, and composer married to Elaine Irwin, an American model who captivated the heart of the singer. But with the passage of time, the relationship ended up dividing, as well as the vast majority of John's possessions, in equal parts.

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