Published 2018-06-11
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7 Worst habits that most destroy the hair

Despite what is usually believed, the main factor that helps us boast a healthy, bright and strong mane is a good general state of the body. It is not because of anything that is hair, which can indicate certain anomalies of our health! Since the nutrients present in food are transported through the blood to the hair follicles, a well-balanced diet and a life without stress can be a perfect remedy for their bad condition.
However, it is possible to improve it also by paying attention to the following 7 tips.

1. Too much exposure to the sun

While we always remember to use the right cosmetics to protect the skin from the influence of sunlight, we often tend to ignore the subject of hair when we go to the beach or spend a lot of time outdoors during summer. To protect your hair in the best way, it is enough to use finite hats or scarves with which you can cover perfectly.

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2. Using tight hairstyles too often

The next point is a pretty bad news for all the girls fond of the runners, bows, and pigtails. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with tying your hair, it is better to do it from time to time, and not every day. Carrying it tightly tied all the time fatally influences its condition, since it is very harmful not only for the roots but also for the part that remains "in contact" with the metal elements that some gummies have. If you cannot live without these hairstyles, change your height every day and try not to adjust them too much.

3. Brushing the hair badly

Never try to get rid of the knots by brushing the hair starting from the roots. It is what produces opposite effects and, in the long term, ends up making your state worse! First of all, if you feel that you really do not need to do your hair, do not do it. Second, if you need to do it, proceed from the tips up, and not the other way around.

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4. Being indifferent to the existence of the conditioner

The function of the shampoo has nothing to do with the conditioner, so it is impossible to replace the one for the other. To obtain the best results, it is advisable to clean the scalp with the first one and provide the hydration of the one you need using the second. Only in this way can you be sure to provide as much care as possible to your mane.

5. Washing your hair with the water too hot

If you are one of the girls who enjoy spending a lot of time in the shower and usually use super hot water, change this habit for your own good. What many women ignore is that the glands in our heads produce more sebum than usual when they react with hot water: that's why, despite washing your hair every day, you can notice that it has a tendency to fill up with fat immediately. If you want to change it, use warm water and wash it every two or three days.

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6. Dying your hair alone, at home

If you're not a professional hairdresser and you do not feel confident about your abilities, you better let a stylist take care of your wicks. Although it may not seem difficult, it is an art. The majority of people who decide to do it alone, they end up looking for help from a professional. The problem is that it is more expensive and difficult to invest everything they have done...
Do not be afraid, do not cut yourself and make an appointment in a hairdressing salon. Go there right from the beginning.

7. Combing your hair before drying your hair

It's no secret: wet hair is more fragile and, therefore, prone to damage. It does not matter if it's about the high temperatures or the strength with which we pull the wicks with the use of a comb or a brush. No matter what you intend to do with it, or how to fix it: the important thing is that first of all let it dry. Soon you will see how the number of hairs plucked, fallen and with split ends decreases! Let it dry before brushing and combing. We recommend the use of some thermal protection products.

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Everyone wants to have fancy long Hollywood style hair. Long hair is very popular among women. It is said that such hairstyle adds attractiveness, and is a sign of good health and fertility. Their care is very demanding and time-consuming. In spite of the fact that it seems very simple to have it, the wrong style of long hair can also make the woman look heavy and unattractive. The problem of having long hair appears when you need to take a shower almost every day especially if you have a greasy hair!

That is something we do not feel like doing every day! Some people believe that too frequent use of shampoo worsens the condition of the hair. The fact is that everyday washing removes the natural protection of the hair. So if we are during the weekend at home, let's give our head rest. Hair washing every other day will make them shine and moisturized accordingly. In addition, it is recommended to use shampoos without parabens and silicones. Plus, washing the hair comes with drying it and brushing it! Brushing your hair is also another thing that people are in two minds about it. Remember that taking care of your hair is the most important thing!

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