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How many times a week should we take a bath?

Some people see showers or baths as a necessary ritual that all decent humans need to follow daily. Others believe that it is an annoying task to avoid until the last minute possible and then do it as quickly as possible. If you are in the last category and have ever wondered how many times we should cleanse our body, the answer is: not as much as most people think...
Two dermatologists expressed that only in America people bathe more than necessary.

According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, the way we shower and perceive body odor "is actually a sociocultural phenomenon." The dermatologist based in Boston Ranella Hirsch agrees with this. "We bathed too much and it is important that we realize that a large part of the reasons is social norms. " Interesting isn’t it!? Continue your reading to learn more about this...

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How many times a week should we take a bath? 1

The truth is that the social norms that influenced us to bathe more than what is necessary are the result of advertising. After the American Civil War advertising hand soap became more present in the lives of Americans. So says Katherine Ashenburg, the author of "The Dirt on Clean: An Unsanitized History". "Americans turned out to be much more gullible and susceptible to these things than Europeans," Ashenburg said.

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Then, in the 20s and 30s, many women began to work and many individuals left their farms to join forces in the factories, reaching a more powerful cultural concentration on neatness and bathing. In these times, several business books were created, such as Dale Carnegie's, "How to win friends and influence people", and they basically tried to obtain success and attractiveness…

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"Germ theory didn't matter half as much as promises of beauty," Ashenburg commented. Specialists Zeichner and Hirsch say that showering too often (particularly in hot water) can dry and irritate the skin, wash away the good bacteria that exist on the surface of our body, and open small cracks that can put us at risk of infection.

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Both doctors say that parents should not bathe their babies and children every day. Zeichner says that early exposure to dirt and bacteria can make the skin less sensitive to growth, preventing allergies and conditions such as eczema. While your level of activity and the climate of the place where you live will affect the times you want to bathe, you can probably shower every two or three days.

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If you feel the need to take a shower more often, you can clean the thick parts of your body with a bath towel or a towel soaked in soap, to then remove the bacteria that cause the smell on days without a shower. (With the thickest parts of your body we refer to the face, the armpits, the lower part of the chest of women, etc., according to Zeichner). We also have to change our underwear every day.

A study proved that we spread much more dirt and grease on our clothes than in the shower or bath. Also, there are so many mistakes that people make while taking a shower one of which is using boiling hot water! Water at a very high temperature dries the scalp and hair at a much faster rate. If you wish, you can use warm water, as this will open the hair cuticles to maximize the effect of shampoo and conditioner. Also, towards the end of your daily wash routine, you should rinse with cold water at least once. It will close the cuticles and keep the skin hydrated.

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Also, many women make the mistake of not leaving enough time for the hair to get wet before starting to apply the shampoo. If you do it for the environment, then we appreciate it greatly. But otherwise, it is a serious mistake of hair washing that you are committing. Before starting to apply the shampoo, you should wash it with running water for at least one or two minutes; this will ensure that you get the most out of it with your conditioner. In the same way, make sure to rinse it properly before leaving the shower if you do not want to cause irritation on the scalp.

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Or even using too much shampoo! Most of us believe that if a shampoo does not produce a lot of foam, it is not doing its job. But, did you know that foam does not help at all to get rid of the dirt accumulated in your hair? In fact, it could prevent the shampoo from carrying out its deep cleaning tasks. It is suggested that, for your first wash, try to use a spoonful of shampoo about the size of a two-euro coin. And if you need a second wash later, use a smaller amount than that.

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