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Horoscope for the week: June 18, 2018 - June 24, 2018


The behavior of some people in your surroundings will seem annoying. Instead of worrying about other people's matters, take care of your work and do not advise your friends who will do what they want. The energy saved is spent on your own hobby, sport and rest of the activities. Don’t save now! Spend your money on your pleasures and take care of your own comfort. At the weekend, the whole world will seem to be a much more friendly place. You will forget about misunderstandings, you will fall into the vortex of weekend meetings and trips. Someone who has been persistently striving for your interest has earned a reward.


At work, you will guide the implementation of an important task. At the party, you will organize the best fun. Although luck will help you, take care of your health. Mars favors sports competition, but you can end up in an injury. Love promises some nice moments for you. However, if you dream about passionate dates, wait until the weekend. Venus will help you meet a fascinating person or suddenly raise the heat in your relationship.

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The beginning of the week is spent on family matters. You can have slightly more expenses, especially related to the apartment unit. You will be able to hunt down your dream couch or you will be charmed by an elegant dinner service. However, those who think that you will spend the weekend in the home, will be surprised. Mercury promotes travels. You will be in a perfect form, you will cross the wilderness and will meet extraordinary people. Also in love, your decisions will be quick and unambiguous. Only during the weekend avoid disputes about trifles, and happiness will be favorable for you.


Friends, new or old, will do everything so that you do not get bored. They will invite you on a trip, invite you to events and film screenings. Have fun and enjoy, because happiness is favorable this week. You can count on crazy flirts and unexpected love revelations. You will become more courageous and confident of your advantages, and you can meet an extraordinary devotee during your trip or shopping. Weekend favors the married Cancers. Leave your children under the care of your mother-in-law and rest. By day it will be very cheerful and in the evenings, it will be passionate.

The NEXT sign should trust their instincts!


No secret escapes you. At work, it will turn out that you have been interested in your second bottom for some time. Do not hesitate to ask and anticipate the movements of your enemies or competitors. Your friends will choose you as someone they can trust, and you won’t disappoint them. Be honest because it's the best you can do to actually help the people you care about. At the end of the week, look after your financial matters and even play the lottery. The weekend favors love. Put down all other matters. A friend from the trip will be interesting.


The week is conducive to ending various matters. It is worth to make the order on the desk and calendar, and above all, get rid of arrears. You will be meticulous, but it will prove to be a pass to success. You can also count on favor in banks and offices. Venus will put kind people on your path. Weekend favors travel, you can count on nice invitations from friends. Lonely Virgos need to stop being shy. Someone's interesting ideas will be the introduction to a passionate romance. You do not have a chance with someone who lacks in quality and education, neither money nor sports cars will help him.

The NEXT sign should think before the act!


You are happy to go to a concert, an exhibition or a trip outside the city. Also, find a moment to listen to a friend or other loved one. Your impartial advice will turn out to be valuable, and a kind gesture will mean a lot to someone. The love affairs will also be a calm rhythm. Do not complain about boredom and cherish what is important for you. The partner will appreciate you and even apologize for some of the old mistakes. The weekend will be conducive to rest and fun. Expect guests who will persuade you to host an event or to go to an interesting place. Libras, which on this occasion are counting on new acquaintances, should not be disappointed.


A good week is ahead of you. Time will fly quickly and you will be in good shape. At work, it is worth looking for new projects because you are important to someone. You can count on interesting messages and help of the person with whom you share common interests. However, at the end of the week, no professional matters, only love, and feelings will come to the fore. You will bring heaven to your beloved ones and you will easily agree to their prayers. Lonely Scorpions are lucky in their love all week. It is worth talking to someone who still misses you and sees if you still have some free space in your life.

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You will feel such a huge flow of energy that it will be difficult to endure you at work. It's a good time to rest from duties. Travel will be successful, and from the perspective, all the old troubles will seem less important. Take the opportunity to have fun and do not worry about anything. The week also favors new friendships. Search for inspiring people, get to know their passions and opinions. At the weekend, Mercury favors you, but count on the fact that you will have to change your plans a little. Someone will ask you for help or prove necessary for resolving the dispute. Sagittarius will start thinking about someone they've just met.


Everyone is already planning a vacation, and you will count the money needed for various meetings and trips. You will start to wonder if it would be the cheapest way to get to your aunt's country. It is worth being economical, but it is not worth giving up on your dreams. Saturn favors the search for real opportunities. Be careful in love, because at the beginning of the week you are in danger of having trivial trinkets. Also at work, avoid discussing with a malicious boss, because he may have a different opinion from you. The weekend will be conducive to having a good time. The lonely Capricorn will see several handsome people around them. Whether at work or at a party, it's good luck to you.

The NEXT sign should use their money wisely, as something exciting will happen soon!


The rush and imperious tone will not come to you. Any small thing can irritate you and make decisions that will turn out to be too hasty. If you calmly think about it, you will find a way out of every situation. At the end of the week, you can count on support and understanding in your surroundings. At work, follow the instructions and do not discuss, and you will avoid trouble. Smile and you will master the situation and it will be easier to persuade others to your rights. Quiet days are waiting for you in love. In the partner, you will find support, unless you stop to teach him and punish neglect of household duties.


You will openly talk about your feelings and dreams because this time the partner will react properly. Go for a walk or a real date, this time without relatives and friends. Pisces will conclude that they can afford a little more than usual slack and freedom. Flirt, but remember that it is also a good time to meet someone really important. If you spend all your days at work, get ready for a late bonus or important financial matters for you. Venus will help you get what you've been longing for.

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