Published 2018-06-18
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Horoscope for the week: June 18, 2018 - June 24, 2018


The beginning of the week is spent on family matters. You can have slightly more expenses, especially related to the apartment unit. You will be able to hunt down your dream couch or you will be charmed by an elegant dinner service. However, those who think that you will spend the weekend in the home, will be surprised. Mercury promotes travels. You will be in a perfect form, you will cross the wilderness and will meet extraordinary people. Also in love, your decisions will be quick and unambiguous. Only during the weekend avoid disputes about trifles, and happiness will be favorable for you.



Friends, new or old, will do everything so that you do not get bored. They will invite you on a trip, invite you to events and film screenings. Have fun and enjoy, because happiness is favorable this week. You can count on crazy flirts and unexpected love revelations. You will become more courageous and confident of your advantages, and you can meet an extraordinary devotee during your trip or shopping. Weekend favors the married Cancers. Leave your children under the care of your mother-in-law and rest. By day it will be very cheerful and in the evenings, it will be passionate.

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