Published 2018-06-18
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Horoscope for the week: June 18, 2018 - June 24, 2018


No secret escapes you. At work, it will turn out that you have been interested in your second bottom for some time. Do not hesitate to ask and anticipate the movements of your enemies or competitors. Your friends will choose you as someone they can trust, and you won’t disappoint them. Be honest because it's the best you can do to actually help the people you care about. At the end of the week, look after your financial matters and even play the lottery. The weekend favors love. Put down all other matters. A friend from the trip will be interesting.



The week is conducive to ending various matters. It is worth to make the order on the desk and calendar, and above all, get rid of arrears. You will be meticulous, but it will prove to be a pass to success. You can also count on favor in banks and offices. Venus will put kind people on your path. Weekend favors travel, you can count on nice invitations from friends. Lonely Virgos need to stop being shy. Someone's interesting ideas will be the introduction to a passionate romance. You do not have a chance with someone who lacks in quality and education, neither money nor sports cars will help him.

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