Published 2018-06-18
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An expert reveals what it means for a man to hug a woman's waist...

Men are usually not as expressive as women. They show their feelings through the facts and not with the words. Verbal language costs more work so they prefer to manifest their love with small or large gestures. Of course, we may also hear a passionate word from his mouth such as: "I love you". However, when your partner does not talk much about his feelings, that does not necessarily mean that you are not important to him. Watch his behavior well and you will see that he shows his love in many other ways.

If something differentiates women from men, it is above all the number of words we say during the day. Women by their nature feel the need to talk about more things, vent, and for them the talks are important. Men, on the contrary, prefer to act and often do not realize that a woman also needs to hear from time to time that she is loved and desired.

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There are many ways to express our feelings, not only through words but above all with facts. A man who truly loves his partner and his family will show his love by taking care of her, protecting her and giving her support in whatever is necessary. Things so simple and often unappreciated as getting up in the morning to work, prepare food or repair the bathroom is one of the signs of affection. We must accept that the masculine and feminine genres are very different and express their feelings and opinions in very different ways.

However, women need something called affection. It is an inclination that feels towards a person. We can manifest affection in many ways, but the best known are those that are made through physical contact and words that have an affectionate value. However, as we mentioned earlier, men are very modest when it comes to expressing their feelings verbally. For the same reason, they look for other ways of being affectionate. One of them is hugs.

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Hugs are very important in the life of every human being. Through them, we can express our love, trust, understanding and provide peace of mind. Hugs make us feel good, alleviate the fearful but also greatly influence our mental and physical health: they lower blood pressure and take care of our heart. When someone hugs us, we feel a special union with that person. For this reason, scientists recommend that we embrace our loved ones several times a day.

We know the hugs since we were babies and we hid in the arms of our moms or our dads. It is the first physical contact in which we enter with our surroundings. The contact with another human skin makes us feel happy and releases the hormone called oxytocin that releases stress. However, there are also many types of hugs and the way in which we embrace or embrace is essential. When a man hugs his wife from behind, it means that he has all the confidence.

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His love is pure and unconditional. He has very serious plans for the future and wants to share his life with her. However, a hug by the waist can mean more than we think. It is a very clear sign of romanticism and a very strong feeling that exists between two people. When a man takes his partner from the waist, it means that there is a very large intimacy between them. This is how only the couples in love who want to spend most of their time together embrace each other.

The hugs of the waist demand that the relationship is more trustworthy since we do not leave it to anyone who embraces us in this way. Men in this way demonstrate that they are attracted to their second half and that they need physical contact. If your daily partner embraces you like that, it means that you drive him crazy and he does not need anyone but you.

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When next time your boyfriend or husband, he wants to hug you in this way, be rest assured that you are the most important thing to him and that in this way he is showing you his love and affection. Remember also all the benefits that a hug can give us. Physical contact protects us from many diseases and above all, it helps us to feel protected and loved. It may be that the boy is shy or that you have not yet formalized the relationship, however, if you embrace by the waist what you both feel is a promise.

This type of gesture usually means that the boy is madly in love with the girl. In fact, try to spend as much time as possible next to him. The truth is that it means what it shows! It is all so real and he does not want to let you go! However, it is a double-edged sword since often these young people are too enthusiastic and that is the reason why perhaps they change their minds too fast!

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