Published 2018-06-18
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8 Everyday things that we do wrong and we do not even realize...

In the routine of each week we perpetuate numerous acts without paying much attention, but sometimes it is possible that we do not do them in the best way, or with the greatest effectiveness. However, you would be surprised at the benefits you can experience in your life if you make certain changes in your habits, as some are too toxic. In today's article, we are going to show 8 everyday things that we do wrong and we do not even realize…

1. Delay the alarm

1. Delay the alarm

Whenever we do this we start a new stage of sleep. Cutting it in such a short time causes an unpleasant numbness that can last all day, and it is better to avoid it. Try to go to bed 8 hours before the time you have programmed on your alarm clock or cell phone and never commit that great sin of delaying the alarm infinitely many times. In addition, you can have serious problems with punctuality...

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2. Clean your hands

Although it is a gesture that we repeat every day, many individuals do it wrong. Even if they do it well, the duration is too short. The truth is that by applying soap on the surface of the hands we have to spend about 30 seconds to really clean everything. Later we simply have to rinse and we will be completely free of germs. Unless we dry up...

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3. Public dryer

Using this element in the toilets of the different public places around you is extremely harmful to health. The truth behind these dryers is that instead of removing moisture from our hands the only thing they do is spread the particles present in the air and dirty them. Therefore, if you use this method, you will end up less clean than if you did not wash them. It is best to use paper towels...

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4. Breathe

Breathing is an involuntary mechanism that our body performs to obtain the necessary oxygen present in the air to live. However, inspiring and exhaling with the chest brings a lot of tension that is often noticed in the long term. The masters of meditation always point to abdominal breathing as one of the keys to relaxation. If you get used to doing it from the belly, your upper body will end up having less fatigue at the end of the day and the different organs of your body will improve in condition...

2. Clean your hands

5. Brushing the teeth

In performing this daily act, we tend to waste a lot of this hygienic substance. The truth is that it is not necessary for the toothpaste to spread over the entire surface of the brush. With a small ball is more than enough. The function of this product is to make the instrument with which you clean yourself not so aggressive to the enamel of your teeth, as well as to eliminate infectious buccal particles.

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3. Public dryer

6. Bathroom

Many people find the ideal rest after a tiring day in a hot tub. The duration of those who are more regulars to this type of habits is around one hour. However, after 20 minutes it is not advisable to remain in the water, especially if you suffer from the heart disease. The blood pressure is accelerated and this enjoyable habit can be harmful to health. On the other hand, it is better not to exceed body temperature...

7. Do not expel gases

Holding the gases generated in our body is not healthy at all. Holding them for too long can cause harmful swelling and even colon cancer. Hemorrhoids are another type of pathology faced by people who abuse this behavior. It is clear that at work or in public it is difficult to release these substances, but you can always excuse yourself in a service.

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4. Breathe

8. Pour liquid safely

To pour the drinks contained in a tetra brick, it is not advisable to do so by bringing the side of the opening closer to the glass. This is because it will end up splashing and not evenly distributed. To avoid getting dirty, do it as you can see in the video below.

5. Brushing the teeth

Is there any other thing that you guys do that you know it is wrong?! Or something that you were told it is not that attractive?! Share them all with us!
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6. Bathroom
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