Published 2018-06-19
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7 Toxic phrases that undo men...

The power of words is unquestionable and terrifying: everyone should be aware of it. What we express orally not only says a lot about ourselves but can also influence others. While some sentences are capable of improving human life, others may even turn it into a hell. This delicate subject becomes even more important when what comes into play are romantic relationships. Although many people do not realize it, there are things that, for the sake of union with a person, should NEVER be said. What are they and how do they destroy love? We'll tell you later.

1. Comparisons

Since most women spend their entire lives comparing themselves to others, they may not be aware of the harm they do to their partners when they start using the same tactic against them. Comparing one man with another is never a good idea: even if it does not look like it, gentlemen can also be vulnerable. The phrases of such "The boyfriend of Susana has perfect muscles, you also have to sign up to the gym" definitely hurt the male ego. If you want yours to be forever, abstain from comments like that.

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2. Lies

No matter what it is about, or what it is based on: any lie is capable of ending a romantic relationship. Given that honesty and trust in a partner are a crucial element of a healthy and happy courtship, it is not even worthwhile to bet on the famous "white lies". Instead of creating problems and communication with your loved one by hiding things, bet on absolute transparency. Although it can be difficult, you will see that it works miracles!

3. Manipulative phrases

Another type of expressions that have the power to undo love is based on conditional structures. Never try to convince your boyfriend of something by force, or try to play with his feelings in order to achieve something. "If you truly love me, you can do it for me," or "If you really care, you would buy me this" is the worst thing that can happen to you during a dialogue with a loved one. You both have the same rights to freely express your tastes, opinions, and wishes: do not forget about it.

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4. Insults

How would you feel if your life partner would express himself in a rude way when addressing you? We assure you that your boyfriend would go through exactly the same thing if you were responsible for the use of curse words. Respect - the most valuable thing that any human being can give and obtain - should be mutual in a couple, so if you see that a fight is about to become bigger, back down for the sake of both of you. Anger helps release words that hurt most and are never forgotten.

5. Phrases that worsens your self-esteem

The only criticisms accepted in a sentimental relationship are those that encourage the progress and development of our other half. If you really care about the person next to you, you cannot denigrate him under any circumstances. The phrases such as "You are fat", "You smell bad" or "Today's meal was fatal" are capable of worsening the mood for anyone... Learn to support and appreciate instead of scolding: it is a perfect formula to endure a relationship.

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6. Accusations that begin with the word "never"

"You never do what I ask you", "You never pay attention to what I'm saying", "You never think of cleaning the house"... Women are true teachers of the use of these prayers. The problem is that they not only blame their partner but also do so in vain since their words do not convey any solution to the issues that they themselves consider problematic. To change it at once, just change the tactic: "I would like you to listen to me when I'm talking because it's important to me" sounds a lot better!

7. Threats

Last but not least: do not even think about raising the issue of divorce (or separation) to scare your husband (or boyfriend), get something or show your supposed superiority. Threatening to abandon him will not only leave you in pain: it will also begin to make you doubt the truth of your feelings and, consequently, and will influence their disappearance.
How would you feel if you received any of the statements from this list?!

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