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5 Foods that should not be rinsed before cooking and 5 that should...

Since our childhood, we have been taught to wash everything we eat, as well as our hands. However, very few people know that sometimes this habit is more of a damage than a good thing. The rinsing of some foods involves the spread of bacteria or other negative consequences, more taste-related, texture and general enjoyment. Pay attention and start to know these tips that kitchen experts always point out…

Foods that should NEVER be washed...

1. Eggs
A special substance is often deliberately adhered to the eggs to protect them from any type of microscopic contamination. The water deteriorates and eliminates this film that prevents the entry of external agents. Some precautions that you can take care to open the boxes before buying them, to perceive if they are too dirty or broken, and to keep them in the refrigerator at a temperature of 10ºC.

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2. Chicken

The bacteria in fresh chicken are very dangerous for our health. The best known of all is salmonella. Many people think that washing the pieces of this bird before starting to cook helps solve this problem, but nothing is further from reality. When you rinse it, the water you use helps the microorganisms to spread to your hands and the sink. If instead of all this, you begin to cook directly, the infectious agents will die. If you cook the chicken, it would be better to boil it twice, stirring the first water in which it began to be half done.

3. Meat

In the same way as in the previous section, you should not wash fresh meat (veal, pork, venison, lamb) because the bacteria also spread quickly and more easily by the aqueous solutions with which they come into contact. You can get rid of these evils at high temperatures. Before cooking, use napkins to remove the juice that usually lodges in its surface. Afterward, wash your hands.

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4. Pasta

It is difficult to know who came up with the idea that rinsing the paste to clean it was a good idea. The best chefs around the world think that this act should be illegal, because the water removes the starch which, among other things, helps to better absorb the sauces that are used. The only situation in which you can go through water to increase safety is when you are going to create a cold dish, like a salad...

5. Mushrooms

You cannot keep your favorite mushrooms under water for a long period of time or soak them. The fundamental reason is that fungi, in general, absorb liquids very effectively. It is better to drain them and remove the possible dirt that they present in a fast way and dry with a piece of the kitchen paper. Otherwise, they will swell and lose their elasticity and flavor...

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Foods that should ALWAYS be cleaned

1. Fruits and vegetables with edible skin
If you see that fruits and vegetables look shiny and pristine, it does not mean you do not have to rinse them when you take them home. In any case, you have to do it. Do not use soap, simply dry them on paper towels or on a napkin after a "cold shower". Turn it into a habit that will take you away from various infections, an act that many forget but that should not be forgotten or remain in the background...

2. Tin cans

The bacteria cannot enter inside, because these containers keep the nutrients tightly closed. But they can definitely spread to food that had been so well stored if you did not wash the surface of its casing before opening it. It is a fact that not many are aware of, but essential if we also know that these cans have traveled a lot and gone through many handy and environments...

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3. Fruits and vegetables with inedible skin

No matter how well we have peeled these foods, the microbes that tend to adhere to the skin will make their way to the pulp anyway. This is why you should always wash bananas, melons, watermelons and other fruits and vegetables that cannot be eaten by the skin. They are centimeters of difference that we cannot be underestimated since it is like a "free bar" for infectious agents...

4. Nuts
Even if you buy peeled, you should wash them. We can never be sure where they have come to be stored or how they were transported. In addition, rinsing helps to get rid of the phytic acid that fresh nuts tend to contain. It is used to protect this food from parasites, but in certain amounts, it can be quite adverse for the human body. Every precaution is little for our well-being!

5. Dehydrated fruit
This type of food is considered one of the driest. It is especially true since they are sold by weight. Even if you bought this product in a safe container, it is best to soak it and leave it in water for a couple of hours.
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