Published 2016-08-19
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You definitely know those 13 things if you're an adult Disney fan

Our dreams come true - at least in the fairytales!

1. You really have enough of people telling you that you're too old for these things.

We really can't understand people saying that in their opinion we're too old. For WHAT really? For having dreams and looking for them in fairytales? Or for laughter and a bit of fun? Our world is sad enough for not having even a little bit of joy that we find in these tales. We can't see anything wrong with being childish just because we love Disney characters. Come on! Having a pyjamas with Winnie the Pooh is sooooo funny.

2. We love Disney soundtracks
It looks really good when you drive your car (especially in a traffic jam) and everybody around you can hear how beautifully you sing. Grown-up man singing "let it go" is something worth seeing. Shower is also a great place to sing Disney songs. Let's say the theme song of "High school muscial"?!

3. You only get friends with another Disney fans
Everywhere you go, you try to notice people that are as crazy about Disney as you are. A person that wears t-shirt with Mickey Mouse just has to be funny, kind and smart. You know that only clever people can understand fairytales, right?

4. People that want to take away from you the title of Disney expert are everywhere.
Imagine that you just met someone and at the very beginning you even think that such person is very nice. But then you realize that this creature just tries to take your honors of being the smartest who knows every detail of most of the Disney tales. We don't like such people, we really DONT!

5. DISNEY will always brightens your day
Everytime watching the story of Pocahontas or the Lion King makes us feel much better. There isn't a bad day that can't be fixed by Disney. It's good for every problem and quite often even brings you the solution.

6. We will never say it loud but we would love animals to help us with cleaning the house
Unfortunately, in a real life birds or mice don't come and help you to clean your house. You can sing or even shout for them as long as you like but they still won't appear. Maybe in your dreams?

7. Disney characters insipire you on a daily basis
When we have a bad day or face the wall with solving some problems, it's always good to look for the inspiration in Disney tales. It's not a sin that you try to figure out what would Belle or Cinderella do in your situation?

8. Your beloved got used to it
They all know how crazy you are about theme parties with Snow White or Winnie the Pooh. With time, they even started to like it as much as you do. You do a lot for love!

9. Deciding who is your favourite character isn't so easy
It's always the same answer to that questions: "Hmmm, I don't know". There's many of them. Choosing only one character seems to be impossible as they all have something incredible to offer. Lilo looks just like me when I was a kid, but Cinderella was so good and kind.

10. Every year you have to defend your holiday destination
People just don't get how it is possible that you want to go and see DisneyLand once again. "You saw it 15 times already", they all ask. Well.....I'm going to visit this place 16th time as I miss my friends who always make me laugh.

11. You love Winnie the Pooh as much as your "real" friends.
You can't help it! Yes, you do love Winnie the Pooh! He loves sweets, sleeping and having fun the same as you do. You can't think of a better friend. Oh.....And he has such wonderful adventures.

12. There was only 1 reason for you to have your own place - Dinsey homeware opportunities.
Apart of obvious reasons to have your own apartment, you also have a secret one. You just don't want anybody to see that you're so in love with all Disney gadgets. You can simply have 20 mugs with Finding Nemo and 10 cushions with Dumbo and you still want to buy some more.

13. Your enthusiasm for Disney films gets out of control
Everytime somebody starts talking about ANY Disney film or charackter you get so excited that people have to calm you down. Maybe it's not fully understood by all but's your passion.

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