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Jarvis AI: The future of a smart household

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, made it his goal in 2016 to create a robot to help manage his household. The name Jarvis, inspired by the Iron Man’s loyal artificial intelligence, J.A.R.V.I.S, which basically means, “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System”. Quoting Mark Zuckerberg, “My personal challenge for 2016 was to build a simple AI to run my home — like Jarvis in Iron Man. ”

Mark recently posted a goofy video of his idea flaunting how he would want his Jarvis framework to work. The video shows a portion of the tasks that Jarvis can theoretically perform. However, the entire thing puts on a show of a very fancy and modern variant of the Amazon Echo. But it comes with the voice of the very famous Morgan Freeman. So that's a plus!

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Just like the video depicts, the framework isn't exactly as practical as it seems, however, it's still an intriguing glimpse into Zuckerberg's latest artificial intelligence innovation, regardless of the possibility that it's a long way from impersonating the real Jarvis from Marvel's Iron Man. The video has appearances of his wife, Priscilla, and their daughter.

When it comes to acting Mark is nowhere close to Robert Downey Jr. The video is terribly hilarious-filled with his awkwardness including cringe-worthy dad jokes, a references to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the band Nickelback. There was even one very serious question to his Jarvis AI "Who should we tickle next?" come across very subtly. But we’re sure all of us would love to have the clothes cannon. No more walking to the cupboard. Just command.

On December 20, 2016, at 16:45, Mark Zuckerberg posted another video, showing a probably fictitious record of how his significant other, Priscilla Chan, thinks and deals with Jarvis being in their home. Apart from Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger also shows up as one of the voices of Jarvis. The humor in the video is definitely cringe-worthy. And you've got to watch it. Trust us on this one.
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To build the robot, Zuckerberg needed to link regular appliances in their home with the internet. Though it sounds less demanding, the truth was that it was far from it. The appliances that were linked to the web were running on various codes. So he had no choice but to locate a common link for his TV, security cameras, and sound systems to be able to communicate with it.

He even had to connect the differences, however, sometimes there was a need to rig up detached machines to the Internet. For instance, he said one of his challenges was to find a toaster oven that would begin toasting the moment the power was on. So he found a broiler from the 1950s. He then introduced a switch that was linked to the toaster.

It's obvious that Zuckerberg would support and promote Facebook's Messenger Bot as the future since he has used Facebook Messenger as the main mode of correspondence with Jarvis. He got the inspiration from a core Facebook value "move fast", which also strengthened his belief even more on it. "Messaging, instead of voice, was an easier way of correspondence", Zuckerberg said. Sending commands through written texts by means of Facebook Messenger was not as troublesome but rather more helpful and convenient. In addition to that, he stated that Messenger could be the future since they are simpler to make and works on both iOS and Android gadgets.

In addition to the Jarvis plan, he was dedicated to running 365 miles in 2016, which he said took 100 hours, and that is more time spent running than on Jarvis. Wow! He completed his running challenge five months earlier than expected, and according to Runner's World, he can now do 20-mile runs. The theme for the year 2016 was Innovation.

Two years ago, Zuckerberg had a very educational goal which was reading a new book every two weeks. He created a page on Facebook called "A Year of Books", and he posted his readings and welcomed the writers of the books he read to speak. The first book he read was about the move of power from governments to the people called The End of Power written by Moisés Naím. The 23rd book and the last post recorded is the book The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch. A great initiative to get everyone to read different genres of books.
Below is the video you must watch!
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