Published 2018-06-20
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What your favourite ice cream flavour says about you

Strawberry ice cream

Those who cannot live without strawberry ice cream are those more vulnerable comparing to vanilla lovers. You are not that type of a leader who rules the world and loves telling people what to do. You prefer being in the shadow and work rather as a team member. It’s not easy for you to fall in love but the moment when someone wins your heart you become the most faithful and honest person in the world. It’s definitely worth hanging out with you.

Strawberry ice cream

Banana ice cream

Quarrels, fierce discussions, anger? It’s not that matter with you. You’d rather conform and not say a negative world than start an argument that leaves everyone sad and furious. Your friends often say that you are a wonderful, friendly and likable person who never spoils positive atmosphere even there are worries and problems. Those who know you are truly lucky people. You are an ideal wife material and a perfect future mother.

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Banana ice cream
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