Published 2018-06-20
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Horrors that badly affected actors who starred in them

Horrors can really affect people. And mostly not in a good way. Alex Wolff who starred "Hereditary" admitted to suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder. Dakota Johnson had to undergo a therapy after playing in "Suspiria". Janet Leigh was afraid of having a shower after she finished playing her role in "Psycho". These are just a few examples of the bad influence of detrimental influence of horrors and we’ll take a closer look at them.


Alex Wolff will definitely never forget about the film "Hereditary" which is expected to be the most frightening film of the decade. He admits that those horrible scenes are still in his mind. He couldn’t even sleep for some time because of them. According to him, it’s impossible to star in a horror movie and not have a trauma afterward. He claims that when he watched the premiere he didn’t remember half of the scenes and when they were directed. Probably he just tried to wipe them out of his memory.

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There are many stories of Hollywood actors who sacrificed their bodies in order to play some character. However, there are also actors who had to sacrifice something more - namely their psyche. One of such examples is Dakota Johnson who has recently finished filming in "Suspiria". She confessed that she had to sign up for a therapy as the film destroyed her psyche to such an extent that she needs a specialist’s help. She probably doesn’t have good memories connected with this film...


Jennifer Lawrence is another victim of a horror movie. She also admits that it also affected her psyche. She lost her control and at one point she didn’t know what is real and what is not. Fortunately, she found a solution to cope with this terrible anxiety that trying to make her insane. As a big fan of Kardashian reality shows, she arranged a small corner on the movie set and she watched those programmes whenever her mind needed that.

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Session 9 and American Psycho

Josh Lucas, who starred such wonderful horror movies as "Session 9" and "American Psycho", admits that he cannot watch such scary movies even if he plays a role in them. This is quite an absurd since his professional life is connected with horror movies after all. Josh confessed that it’s just too frightening for him and that deep inside he is still a kind of a child who is scared to death while hearing some noise outside and thinks that there is a monster under his bed.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Everyone knows Jennifer Carpenter who played a role in a popular, cult film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”. However, not everyone knows what she experienced while starring in the movie. The film that tells a story about a girl who was possessed by the devil created a strange atmosphere on the movie set. Jennifer said that sometimes the radio turned on itself, mostly at night. The actress was really scared and sometimes even afraid of falling asleep.

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JoBeth Williams who played a role of Diane Freeling in "Poltergeist" definitely doesn’t have good memories connected with this movie. Allegedly, directors did everything to make the movie set a scary place as according to them, it helped to show true emotions. So eventually, actors were so sensitive to everything that they got nervous and were anxious with every following scene. That definitely couldn’t help their psyche...


"Omen" is one of the most frightening movie horrors. The movie made a lot of people confused and scared to death. Harvey Stephens who played a devil child was so convincing in the film that he was nominated to the Golden Globe, however, the movie badly affected him and haunted for many years. He even withdrew from show business for some time and when he appeared again, Harvey confessed that 666 was haunting him…

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Shelley Duvall was a victim of an obsessive perfectionist Stanley Kubrick in "Shining". Shellye played a role of a wife of an insane writer who was played by Jack Nicholson. Stanley was creating a nervous and tense atmosphere on the movie set. The filming lasted the whole year and he forced actors to retakes many times. One of the scenes, when Wendy is defending herself with a baseball bat was being shot as many as 127 times. After the shooting Shelley showed a big tangle of hair that she lost because of enormous stress on the movie set.


We can’t forget about poor Janet Leigh. Do you remember that scene when she was attacked with a knife while having a shower? Well, you may like that scene but not know that it cost Janet a lot of stress. After the filming Janet confessed that she stopped taking a shower and only could have a bath. According to the "New York Times" reporters, the actress couldn't even stay alone at home for a couple of weeks. She was staying at her friends or in hotels and got panic when there was only a shower to use.

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