Published 2018-06-20
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Horrors that badly affected actors who starred in them

Session 9 and American Psycho

Josh Lucas, who starred such wonderful horror movies as "Session 9" and "American Psycho", admits that he cannot watch such scary movies even if he plays a role in them. This is quite an absurd since his professional life is connected with horror movies after all. Josh confessed that it’s just too frightening for him and that deep inside he is still a kind of a child who is scared to death while hearing some noise outside and thinks that there is a monster under his bed.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Everyone knows Jennifer Carpenter who played a role in a popular, cult film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”. However, not everyone knows what she experienced while starring in the movie. The film that tells a story about a girl who was possessed by the devil created a strange atmosphere on the movie set. Jennifer said that sometimes the radio turned on itself, mostly at night. The actress was really scared and sometimes even afraid of falling asleep.

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