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Personality of women according to their month of birth...

Do you usually read horoscopes? If so, do you trust what they say? What do you think of astrology? And the supposed clairvoyants capable of foreseeing the future? If none of this gives you any positive feelings, we have good news for you. Next, we have prepared something similar to a common horoscope, with only one difference. None of the sections you are about to discover contain anything about the signs of the zodiac. Instead of repeating this scheme, we have focused on the nature of the women, at the same time emphasizing each of the 12 months.

Personality of women according to their month of birth... 1

It does not matter in which of the hemispheres we live and during what season of the year we celebrate the birthday: according to some sources, depending on the month in which we were born, the women are "gifted" with a series of characteristics unique to the people who share this information with us. Discover the personality of girls born at different times of the year. Note: some of the information you will find in this article will be really revealing...

Personality of women according to their month of birth... 2

Successful, witty and creative as they cannot, they always manage and know how to get out of any hurry. Teachers who improve the mood of others and positively influence their moral or self-esteem. Their problem is the great impatience that often causes inconveniences both in the workplace, as the private and love life.

At first glance they seem serious and even cold, tend to throw criticism and opinions right and left, often without thinking.

Personality of women according to their month of birth... 3

Incredibly reserved, they decide to open only to their loved ones and to people as intelligent as themselves. There are no girls more ambitious than them!

Despite their great charm and pleasant nature, they find it hard to find happiness as a couple. Being dreamers, they go through life looking for "perfect" men who, as we know, do not exist. They are loyal and faithful, and expect their partners to be so: they never forgive treason and, when they get angry, they are able to do anything ...

Personality of women according to their month of birth... 4


Because of their romantic nature, their state of mind can change in a matter of instants, for which it takes enough perseverance to endure some of his outbursts. Workers and patients, methodically, get lucky in everything they propose. They stand out for the ease of making friends, but also for how jealous they are!


The girls born in this month are governed by their own rules and surprise the world with their great stubbornness. Despite being incredibly attractive, not all can live with their strong character. In love, they become magical fairies capable of transforming the lives of their knights into a fairy tale. Yes, they can be too pedantic.

They talk and do things before thinking about the consequences which are their biggest flaw.


Curious and willing to join any bombing, they are considered souls of the parties and are really nice... until someone does not bother them. When they get in a bad mood, there is no stopping them: better be careful with that!

Being born in this month guarantees to be a mysterious and intriguing woman, but also sincere and intelligent. The ladies of July are very aware of their goals and try to do everything possible to achieve them. Since they do not like conflicts, they try to mitigate each one of them, but when someone cheats on them, they disappear from their lives in the blink of an eye.


Although they stand out for their amazing sense of humor, they do not like to become objects of jokes. They are surprisingly proud and take things seriously, behaving like real ladies even in the most trivial situations in life. Altruistic par excellence, they value the family and can do anything for the good of their neighbors.

First of all, it's worth noting that they follow the rules literally and, above all, they like order. They have a great capacity for concentration and learn quickly.


Although they are quite capricious when looking for a partner, they form long-lasting and stable relationships. Not only do they not allow damages, but they also tend to take revenge for everything bad...

The women born during this month are little brains, and they usually boast many talents. Admired by many, they prefer to remain in the shadow of others, keeping distance at all times. Although they are aware of their advantages, they are not selfish or enlarged.


They really have a "sixth sense": they not only always tell the whole truth, but they are also capable of detecting any lie in a matter of seconds. They do not allow others to play with their feelings. Striking and extroverted, they can be the best friends and the worst rivals...

They are real contrasts walking, on the one hand, amorous and sweet, on the other, unpredictable and able to ride in anger for no reason. They are noted for their good taste and subtle nature. Although some may consider them self-centered, they have a huge heart and great empathy. Although they do not like having many friends, those who remain by their side are the most tested and the best of all.

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