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Male or female? This is the real gender of these characters of whom we always had the doubt

In the world of cartoons, it's not always easy to know clearly the gender to which each one of the characters belongs, as no type of love relationship can appear on the screen because of the age at which it is targetted. Due to this, we often find cases like these in which we could not directly say with certainty if any of them is male or female, except for the name itself.

1. Pikachu

1. Pikachu

The small rodent that accompanies Ash Ketchum throughout the "Pokémon" saga is one of the biggest doubts that has generated. However, for the most fans, the answer would be clear. It is a male since the females of this species have the tip of the tail divided into two, as we can see in pokédex. It is also said that due to a combat in which "attraction" is used against him, his gender was revealed. This is because the attack only works against the opposite gender. Many of the characters that appear on the list may be a new vision for us.

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2. Spongebob

At first, due to their appearance, clothing, and manner of acting, we might think this is a male, but their love tendencies only add doubts, due to the closeness with Patricio. Far from entering into any controversy, we have to say that their creator, Stephen Hillenburg (56), is a biologist, so it may have been based on the reality of the creature itself. Because the sponges are mostly hermaphrodites, it is likely that character has both genders at the same time.

2. Spongebob

3. Garfield

The most rebellious and comic cat of all time, Garfield, had a strong controversy because different people began to think that it could be a female. This is because Garfield never really speaks during the series, with only his own thoughts being read off by a doubler. But because of the fact that Garfield has a girlfriend named Arlene and that the author himself made it clear in some an interview - a discussion arose. This case will always remain as an unknown...

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4. Tinky Winky

Between the years 1997 and 2001 the case of Teletubbies became famous worldwide, especially due to a controversy related to the one of character's gender. Tinky Winky was purple, it carried a purse and it had an inverted triangle symbol. Far from all this, the creators said that the characters had no need to be male or female, so they didn't create genders.

3. Garfield

5. The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther was another of the most doubtful creatures. Mainly because of its color people began to think that it could be a female, although two another facts also gave the idea that he could be a male. The first is the fact that in an episode The Pink Panther was shown chasing several women who were transformed into female panthers, with a marked bust, and the protagonist himself was attracted. Finally, in one of the episodes, The Pink Panther speaks with a very manly voice. It cannot be taken for granted, but everything leads to the conclusion that this is a male.

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6. Bambi

The cartoon about Bambi showed some very ambiguous features of the main character because its eyelashes and even the voice were definitely of a feminine character; but at the end of the series, Bambi appears with attributes like big horns, typical of the masculine gender. Other characters, such as the case of the skunk Flor, had the problem that in the cartoon's translation they used the name of a woman, although in the original version it was a man who ended up having offspring with their partner.

7. Tweety

Another controversial case was associated with Tweety. Because the name itself leaves room for doubt and because it doesn't have enough maturity to develop marked features, the gender to which it belonged could never be told with certainty. The producer himself once said that this was a male, although he contradicted that theory due to some behaviors, dubbing, and thinking; It was actually a female. Well, everyone is free to think what they want.

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8. Toad

The adventurous companion of the Mario and Luigi brothers, Toad, was born without a recognized gender. This was what they declared their producers since they had no intention of forming a partnership with any other character in the series. Although many people started to create couples, alluding to the existence of a possible female named Toadette wearing a skirt, it is not clear that they have any kind of a relationship.

9. The Road Runner

One of the most disappointing creatures of entire generations was that of poor Coyote who never managed to hunt down his enemy, the Roadrunner. In spite of this, the doubt is more related to the bird, since its gender is not completely clear. As regards to its appearance, it could be seen as a male. But taking into account its traits that were emphasized in the cartoon, it could be defined as a female. In this case, we have to say that it hasn't been clear at all.

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4. Tinky Winky
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