Published 2018-06-26
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Male or female? This is the real gender of these characters of whom we always had the doubt

2. Spongebob

At first, due to their appearance, clothing, and manner of acting, we might think this is a male, but their love tendencies only add doubts, due to the closeness with Patricio. Far from entering into any controversy, we have to say that their creator, Stephen Hillenburg (56), is a biologist, so it may have been based on the reality of the creature itself. Because the sponges are mostly hermaphrodites, it is likely that character has both genders at the same time.

2. Spongebob

3. Garfield

The most rebellious and comic cat of all time, Garfield, had a strong controversy because different people began to think that it could be a female. This is because Garfield never really speaks during the series, with only his own thoughts being read off by a doubler. But because of the fact that Garfield has a girlfriend named Arlene and that the author himself made it clear in some an interview - a discussion arose. This case will always remain as an unknown...

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