Published 2018-06-26
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Male or female? This is the real gender of these characters of whom we always had the doubt

4. Tinky Winky

Between the years 1997 and 2001 the case of Teletubbies became famous worldwide, especially due to a controversy related to the one of character's gender. Tinky Winky was purple, it carried a purse and it had an inverted triangle symbol. Far from all this, the creators said that the characters had no need to be male or female, so they didn't create genders.

4. Tinky Winky

5. The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther was another of the most doubtful creatures. Mainly because of its color people began to think that it could be a female, although two another facts also gave the idea that he could be a male. The first is the fact that in an episode The Pink Panther was shown chasing several women who were transformed into female panthers, with a marked bust, and the protagonist himself was attracted. Finally, in one of the episodes, The Pink Panther speaks with a very manly voice. It cannot be taken for granted, but everything leads to the conclusion that this is a male.

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