Published 2018-06-26
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A woman was found inside a 7-meter long snake

You can be easily bitten by a snake if you don’t pay attention to the place where you are going but can be really eaten by a snake? Well, this is what rarely happens but only when you have a really bad luck. However, a 54-year old woman, Wa Tiba, experienced that thing in Indonesia. Unfortunately, she didn't survive. If you are curious how that horrible thing happened to her then read this article.

The woman just wanted to take care of her vegetable garden. However, when she was gone for too long her family, from Persiapan Lawela on Muna Island, got suspicious and anxious. After a while, they started to search for her. Well, the searching involved as many as 100 people. Their discovery turned out to be horrible! She was inside a 7-meter long python!

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When they noticed a fat, enormous python in their neighborhood where the woman was last seen they started to suspect the worst thing. Also, they saw the woman’s machete and sandals that were lying beside the terrifying animal. The python looked like it had just eaten a big meal and it was so sluggish that it couldn’t move.

"Residents were suspicious the snake swallowed the victim, so they killed it, then carried it out of the garden. The snake’s belly was cut open and the body of the victim was found inside." - said local police. Unfortunately, the woman was lifeless. She probably had no chances to survive such a thing. Her family was devastated when they discovered that it was their family member inside.

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Later it turned out that the snake started to consume a woman from her head, however, pythons don’t tend to tear or bite their victims (the woman’s body was found intact). They wrap their body around their victim and then strangle them until they are not able to breathe any longer. Then they swallow them. So it means that Wa Tiba didn’t have her last moments inside the python, she was strangled before.

The place where she went to do some gardening was near rocky cliffs and caves so it was a popular neighborhood for snakes. However, according to the Jakarta Post, Wa Tiba wasn’t concerned about snakes that much. She was more afraid of wild boars that were also known to appear there quite often, especially recently. Well, it turned out that it’s better to be too cautious than to show your bravery...

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Indian python which is known to appear in Indonesia and the Philippines can be even 8-meter long! This species rarely attack people, it’s definitely more concentrated on hunting other animals, especially those small ones. But of course, this incident is not the only one. Last year, in March, a farmer didn’t survive the attack of a python, this time in the village of Salubiro on Sulawesi island. This is really sad!

This is a video that shows the moment when the woman is being taken out of the python’s body. If you are curious, you are free to watch the content but we warn you against graphic footage so you need to know that it’s not appropriate for children and sensitive people!!!

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