Published 2018-06-26
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A woman was found inside a 7-meter long snake

Later it turned out that the snake started to consume a woman from her head, however, pythons don’t tend to tear or bite their victims (the woman’s body was found intact). They wrap their body around their victim and then strangle them until they are not able to breathe any longer. Then they swallow them. So it means that Wa Tiba didn’t have her last moments inside the python, she was strangled before.

The place where she went to do some gardening was near rocky cliffs and caves so it was a popular neighborhood for snakes. However, according to the Jakarta Post, Wa Tiba wasn’t concerned about snakes that much. She was more afraid of wild boars that were also known to appear there quite often, especially recently. Well, it turned out that it’s better to be too cautious than to show your bravery...

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