Published 2018-06-26
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Front or side? In which direction is he looking?

In this article, we present an optical illusion that became very popular a few years ago along the networks. In it, you can see the split face of a boy in a very peculiar way. It is in this way that an ambiguous image is generated that our brain can interpret in two clear ways. How did you see it for the first time?
Your answer will describe a fundamental part of your personality.
Do you dare to face the test?

Look forward

If you chose this option, you are a person who likes to challenge the standards and change them. Your imagination allows you to situate yourself in a perspective far from your reality and to understand it deeply. You want to experience new things and live stimulating adventures for your personal growth. For this reason, it would be wise that you could have a job in which you could create something new...

Look forward

And you present an innate need to express your thoughts and feelings through a passion. Have you ever thought about becoming an artist, musician, designer or even a writer? Your abilities will be limited if you work for the interests of others, instead of listening to the inner voice that will guide you to success. You have a special talent and you should not miss out on them!

Look to the right

Look to the right

You have a very powerful inner strength and an awareness of your own being that few beings share. You are a very thoughtful individual in every sense of the word. You always struggle to do the right thing, however complicated it may be. Throughout your ruminations, you have discovered (or will discover) yourself as a warrior of goodness. You know the two sides of the coin and you think it's only worth fighting for one...

Look to the right 1

Even if the people around you do not agree with your way of acting throughout your experiences, you do not stop going your way. You feel emotions in a unique way, which makes you feel like someone very special. You have an empathy that stands out from the crowd and with which you place yourself in the point of view of others. This makes you a great friend and a regular advisor to your relatives, who trust in your judgment and vision…

Why can we see two images?

Why can we see two images?

The key to this matter is locked in a psychological phenomenon that we all experience. Known as pareidolia, it is the way in which our psyche responds to a stimulus, usually an image or a sound, perceiving a familiar pattern where there is nothing, random data that we simply put together as if it were a puzzle.

The most common examples are perceiving faces in inert elements or finding encrypted messages when listening to songs upside down. In the photograph that occupied us today, we have two ways of seeing the male: placed in profile (with an unusual skull) or facing forward with part of the face cut out. The facial features have been limited and included so that our eye can interpret these two visions. Details that make this ambiguous drawing a great illusion…

This is how we come to the end of our article, we hope it has inspired you or at least entertained you. Before leaving, we have to point out that the information provided in the psychological descriptions was not reviewed by a professional, thus lacking a proven scientific basis. It will then be the readers who play their veracity.
What do you think? Does it match your case? Tell us, we are interested.

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