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Tragic stories from The Viper Room

Not sure if the ones reading this article know exactly what and where The Viper Room is or they just clicked on this article for the tragic part and the celebrity pictures and for that reason we are going to give you an introductory paragraph! The Viper Room is a nightclub located on West Hollywood, California. The reason why it is such a big deal is that it is a place where Hollywood elites hangout! And also it was previously owned by Johnny Depp. Here are some tragic stories from The Viper Room.

River Phoenix

Definitely one of the most famous children's stars of all time. Phoenix was destined to be one of Hollywood's most acclaimed actors, after playing in such movies like "Stand by Me " or "My Own Private Idaho". On Halloween night 1993, the 23-year-old took too many illegal substances and died at the entrance to a well-known California club, in front of the eyes of his brother Joaquin and sister Rain. The incident happened in The Viper Room. In his ending minutes, he said: "I don't feel so good. I think I'm OD'ing."

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Corey Taylor

Slipknot's Corey Taylor was a whole lotta drama all by himself! Here his side of the story from himself: "While we were recording Iowa, I was nearly banned for life from the Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip, where the clientele has not changed in 30 years. I saw one of my heroes there, a guy I just worshipped, and he was being really unpleasant. And that really bummed me out and I got wasted. In my drunken anger, I started hurling shot glasses at him. I was asked to leave and the owner the next day called my manager and said, ‘If he ever pulls that again, he’s banned for life."

"So I’m already hammered and we go taking off down Sunset, we're jumping parking meters and we’re in front of the Viper Room and my buddy looks at me and says, ‘I bet you could put your foot right through that. I kicked that plate glass window, wearing shorts. It shatters and I turn around and there is a cop car sitting right at the red light. I didn’t even try to run; I just walked over and put my hands on the hood. They were very cool about it. They very politely handcuffed me and sat me on the curb right outside the Viper Room. People are coming out and laughing at me. I just start spitting at them and cursing them."

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"The cops throw me in the back of the cop car, and I just passed out in the back seat. Next thing I know I’m sitting in a chair at the station. And the station gets a call from the cops on the scene. They said, the owners are here and if I paid for the damage they wouldn’t press charges. So we go back to the Viper Room. And I just looked like a lump of shit at that point, and I had just enough money to pay for the damage. I come stumbling across the street towards the owners with a fist full of the grossest money you've ever seen. It was like you put $500 in your pocket and worked out all day. I remember just putting this revolting money into one of [the owners'] hands, and I collapsed in my friend’s car. The next thing I know, I wake up in my hotel, basically naked, some girl in my bed, no idea who it was, and there’s porn on the TV."

Jason Donovan

On Kate Moss's 21st birthday party Jason Donovan had it tough! "I knew the symptoms all too well, for it was not the first time this had happened to me. My heart was racing, my vision was blurring and I was becoming disorientated. I tried to steady myself but my legs buckled under me and I fell to the floor. I am not sure what happened next but I do know that someone had pulled the plug on the music and was calling for an ambulance. A crowd had circled around me and Michael [Hutchence] was standing over me trying to empty my trouser pockets. 'Have you got anything on you?' he kept asking me. I tried to speak but couldn't."

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"'It wouldn't be cool if anything was found on you by the medics,' he whispered. I must have blacked out again after that - the next memory I have is of being carried out of the club by paramedics on a stretcher."

Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio
Pretty sure most of you know the story of Molly Bloom by now especially with the help of the movie Molly's Game. For the ones that have no idea who she is, we gotta say that she was a poker princess who later got arrested and had all her assets frozen! Based on what she revealed, so many famous celebrities were part of this Poker Ring. Names such as Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

River Phoenix

Johnny Depp

As we have mentioned before, Johnny Depp was the former co-owner of The Viper Room with Anthony Fox. Later in 1999, something change and Johnny Depp found himself in a lawsuit which was filed by Anthony Fox. in 2001, everything was prepared for Fox to go for his testifying section but a big problem showed up and that was the fact that Fox went missing with his pickup truck! His truck was found 19 days after but his body was never found which made people think that Johnny Depp had something to do with Fox’s disappearance!

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Spooky Viper

Now, many times there have been stories about how The Viper Room is haunted or how so many deaths and disappearances have been around. Some believe that the place is in fact haunted! And there are some stories that admit this! When the Ghost Adventures was investigating The Viper Room, they found the voice on tape; one of which was saying "I get confused." Rita Fiora after hearing this voice was convinced that the voice belonged to River Phoenix.

Rita Fiora when talking about The Viper Room said: "I’ve had my hair yanked, a hand on my leg. Oh yeah, they’re grabby, the guy ghosts. But there’s a chick ghost too, she was texting me once from a dead number. I’d talk out loud to her, and she’d text me a response. She was mad that I couldn’t see her. None of the ghosts are River, but he’s not the only person who died here. People talk about the 90s when it was Johnny’s place, but that stage goes back to the 40s."

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