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Most superstitious zodiac signs

Superstitious is something that exists in almost all the religions and cultures. People for some reason think that a black cat brings bad luck and also if a pigeon shits on you, you are the luckiest person on planet earth (the last one is not correct! I was shit on and until now I haven’t found the love of my life so it is your choice to believe it!). There are different superstitions in different cultures. Something that might be considered as a good luck charm may not mean the same in a different part of the world! Today we are going to present most superstitious zodiac signs!



For many people, some individuals belonging to Pisces have a rather unpleasant attitude. Sometimes they reach from one extreme to another, and people around them may think they are bipolar. Likewise, they are quite unpredictable, but not in a good way; Unfortunately, they often surprise others more by their evil than by the kindness and sweetness. To make matters worse, they are also rancorous and can make the guilty one pass a real hell.

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Pisces 1

The thing about the people that were born under this zodiac sign is that they are pretty superstitious! You will not believe us probably so in order to give you a proof, this time pay attention how they are very intuitive and right when they feel like someone bad is happening, they will do anything to stay away from that even if it means to stay in bed the whole day! Also right when that negative thing happens, they rub it in your face the whole day with their I told you so!



These people are not usually considered to be angry, however, when it comes to a proper nervous breakdown, it is advisable to get out of their way because they can do anything. In fact, when this happens, they can hurt the sensitivity of many friends because of their words, and because of that, they can get into trouble from time to time. However, when they feel calmer, they repent and ask for forgiveness because they have a good heart.

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Aries 1

Aries are known for being one of the luckiest people on earth! If you need help with a lottery or something, just go with them and you will see the proof of it before your eyes. Most of the time, the reason why they are lucky is their undeniable talent and their impeccable personality but the rest of the times, they believe it is because of what they did to keep the negative spirits away! Ya! They believe they can control everything with their superstitious beliefs.



Individuals who know a Libra well will know that they are calm, friendly, patient, and unrestrained. However, you also have to be careful with them at certain times, because they have a rather dark side that they will not hesitate to use when they need to. They often tend to move away from their innermost circles when they do not feel comfortable and, in the blink of an eye, can become a bit cold and homely.

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Libra 1

Marrying someone who is born under this zodiac sign or letting someone like who was born under this month be in charge in your wedding is something that will come with consequences. And not just only consequences. They are the superstitious ones so you need to make sure everything is happening just according to the traditions and old beliefs. Like the groom is not allowed see the bride until she gets walked down the aisle! Or they won’t want to have any knives as a gift because that is also a bad luck sign!



According to people who have dealt with them, it is said that a large number of Scorpios are selfish and negative, moving away from others when they do not feel comfortable but talking behind their backs. Sometimes, when they get nervous, it is better to be away from them because they can be very cruel and hurt those who are around, even if the discussion has nothing to do with them. They are calm but rather vile, they will not hesitate to leave those whom they see that are not worth to be around with.

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Scorpio 1

The thing about Scorpions is that they are superstitious but not like any other old fashion ones! These people are the modern superstitions. All the things that we currently have in our modern lives like some crystals to take the negative energy away or sage smudging ritual for cleansing the aura. All of these are the things that they go for to beat the negativity in their lives. Maybe them being modern is the reason why they are not considered much of a superstition.



These individuals are a bit extreme, since depending on the day, they can be very generous, or rather cruel. They hate tremendously that people think the opposite, and above all, Leo love to show that they have been wrong. They are very authoritarian and prefer to rule all, being a kind of dictatorial leader. For a simple and insignificant fact, they are able to look for the biggest argument and try to put the whole world against someone without warning. Leos show that they are not superstitious but they sure as hell are! They spend all their times on psychics or mediums.

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