Published 2018-06-27
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A tragic accident of a man crushed by his mother's coffin

Losing your own life in a funeral? Imagine that you come to the funeral to say goodbye to some of your friends or relatives, you are depressed, distraught and you cry as you cannot imagine your life without this person and it turns out that this funeral is also the last moment of your life! You need to have a bad lack or maybe your relative also wants you to be with them too early… Life is so unpredictable!

40-year-old Samen Kondorura had no luck during his mother’s funeral. He lost his life when the coffin that was carrying his relative crushed him! how did that happen? The heavy coffin collapsed when pallbearers, a group of people who were carrying it, started to lift the coffin onto a lakkian, that is a kind of carved tower where bodies of the dead are kept until funerals begin.

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Apparently, the pallbearers must have lost their balance and hit an Indonesian man. Unfortunately, he had no chance to survive. The whole event happened in the Parinding valley in the North Toraja district on a beautiful home island of Sulawesi.
The Chief Commissioner of local police said: "As the mother's coffin was being raised to the lakkian, suddenly the ladder shifted and collapsed, the coffin fell and hit the victim."

As it was a family funeral, you can expect there is a video that captured last moments of Samen Kondorura and the whole event in general. You can see that after the coffin collapsed, people started to gather around but taking into account the size and weight of the coffin, there was no chance to save the man. You can watch this graphic video but its content may not be suitable for children and those sensitive ones.

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It seems that the ladder slipped because of the weight of the coffin. In the consequence, all the pallbearers also fell down at the moment when they were about to reach the tower. However, it was Samen Kondorura who lost his life. Even if all bystanders immediately rushed to help him and they took him to the hospital, he didn’t survive. This is so horrible! It’s even hard to imagine something like this!

According to the police, the incident took place because the ladder wasn’t reinforced appropriately before the pallbearers started to lift the coffin. The Kondorura family could press charges against the organizers of the funeral but they decided to let it go. They buried Kondorura's body next to his mother, Berta. The inhabitants of the place where Samen Kondorura lived have a vivid funeral ceremony if someone is to be buried. It always involves a lot of music, dancing, and sometimes the sacrificial ceremony of a water buffalo! This time the event was unusually sad.

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As it turns out, there are more events that have ever happened during or shortly after funerals. Another tragic accident happened to a couple from Tennessee, USA. They lost their lives just after a few moments after the funeral of their cousin. 38-year-old Cameo Sanders-Jenkins attended a funeral along with her husband 49-year-old Troy Jenkins and after that, they were dead too. How did that happen?

A tragic accident of a man crushed by his mother's coffin 1

They were driving a classic 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. The car suddenly accelerated and then hit a stone wall on Cato Road in Pegram. And everything took place in a town where only 2,000 residents live. After the crash, the deceased couple's relative, Amber Phillips, confessed "They were amazing people. I just can’t name one person they did not help in some way."

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A tragic accident of a man crushed by his mother's coffin 2

Cameo started working as a broker in the real estate industry about six years before losing her life. Her colleagues expressed their grief and said that she was a devoted and kind employee. One of her colleagues, Daniel Miller, admitted "She had a spark to her, and nobody pushed her around and nobody ran over her. But she would also help anybody – her family, her friends – she was there for everyone."

The couple was heading down Cato Road when the horrible accident happened. The car suddenly gained speed and hit a stone wall. It was proved that after accelerating the car started to brake but it didn’t seem to slow. Also, it was very old and didn't have any seat belts, only lap belts. The biggest problem was probably the lack of airbags inside.
Two accidents connected with funerals, maybe they bring bad luck?!

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