Published 2017-01-03
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Britain's first baby of 2017 is Indian!

Every parent(s) consider themselves lucky when it's the birth of their newborn. It's a very special moment, no matter when it happens. However, it's even more special when the whole world is celebrating New Year's, and at the same time, your baby is born. It is also the only time birth is widely anticipated, reported by media and the hospitals are filled with a sense of victory.

According to Karen Deighan, MD, OB/GYN, chief of OB/GYN at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital "The race to have the first baby is something all hospitals share enthusiasm for, especially in large cities like Chicago, and, unfortunately, not all hospitals play fair, hospital staff feel a great sense of pride at the recognition of birthing the first baby, and many parents like the special distinction it gives them and their child."

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This time we’re overjoyed too! Because this little bundle of joy has Indian blood running through her veins. Ellina Kumari was born exactly a minute after the clock struck midnight on New Years, weighing 6lb and 8oz through a natural birth. She's the first baby of 2017 to be born in Britain. Proud parents from Handsworth in Birmingham, Bharti Devi and Ashwani Kumar couldn't be more ecstatic about the arrival of their little one.

The mother-of-two came to City Hospital in Birmingham on Saturday. She was already overdue by 5 days and was expecting the birth in 2016, but the longer the term continued she had convinced herself that it would go into 2017. She also said, “We didn’t really get the chance to celebrate the New Year at midnight because I was just about to give birth.”

Well this little baby had all of it planned, she wanted to be the center of attention and that’s what she got! She is currently being taken care of by her proud parents and delighted midwives. And the new mother hopes to go home in Handsworth, West Midlands, England anytime soon with her newborn. Talking from her hospital bed, the mother of two and housewife also has a son the age of two, Ariv Kumar with spouse Ashwani Kumar.

She has confirmed that both her and the baby is doing well and is healthy. “It is really exciting to think she is the first baby born in Britain in 2017, it is definitely something special to tell her when she is grown up" she said. "It is incredible to think she is the first baby of the whole year. New Year will be extra special from now on", added Ashwani Kumar, the new father, who’s a sales assistant in the UK.

The mother and child were taken care by midwife Zulekha Samsodien, who depicted the birth as "special".
She added "It is special that she is the first baby of 2017 anywhere in the country, it is something to be proud of. We've had a couple of deliveries since as well which is really nice."

Even though we’re very happy that Ellina is the first baby of 2017 in Britain, there are many more who were born around the world this New Year. They made it a point to make a grand entry into the world too. The first baby in New York City was born to Carmen Peralta after 8 minutes the clock struck 12 am. But it was quite a risky labour as her blood pressure had spiked. Once being labour induced, she finally conceived a healthy baby boy. The best part was that he came 2 weeks early!

We realized these babies are very competitive when a baby girl from the neighborhoods of Bronx was born exactly a minute after Nathan was born! And let us take the opportunity to remind you that Bronx is one of the boroughs of NYC. Even before they come into this world they know what they want. And then there’s us….

In Ireland, a pair of twin boys were born on New Year’s. The first was born exactly a second after midnight while his brother followed him 6 minutes after.
In Canada, a baby boy was born 21 days late exactly at midnight. These babies know how to be the center of attention and steal the spotlight!
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Source: NDTV, gottliebhospita, indiatimes, Giphy

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